Armenian Genocide Memorial containing skeletal remains

Armenian Genocide Memorial containing skeletal remains

DER ZOR, Syria (A.W.)—The Armenian Genocide Martyrs Memorial Church in Der Zor, also known as the Holy Martyrs Armenian Church, has been severely damaged as a result of shelling from unidentified assailants, video footage taken by locals and shared on YouTube revealed today.

The museum and memorial in the lower level, where skeletal remains of victims of the Armenian genocide are kept, seems to be in ruins as well. It is unclear from the footage whether the remains were removed prior to the attacks.

The region of Der Zor has witnessed clashes between the rebels and the Syrian army since the beginning of the armed conflict in the country. The few Armenian families living in the city had left the city months ago.

Hundreds of thousands of Armenian deportees were massacred in the deserts of Der Zor in the summer of 1915 by the Turkish government.

The Memorial was consecrated in 1991.

Details to follow.