find out more about how the city of Phoenix, Arizona,
Phil Bradstock and Carlos Sotomayor and being sued for making up imaginary laws that require people to get a permit and pay $100 to shoot photos in city of Phoenix Parks.

We were shooting some photos in Papago Park to make up a calendar with the girls of NORML as part of our effort to legalize marijuana in Arizona and Park Ranger Carlos Sotomayor told us it was illegal to shoot photos in Phoenix Parks without getting a permit and paying $100.

After doing some research is sounds like their is no such law requiring a permit to shoot photos in Phoenix Parks.

Phil Bradstock may have made up the imaginary law to raise revenue for his department, which is the Phoenix Film Department.

There is a Phoenix law that requires you to get a permit if you make movies in Phoenix parks but we could not find any law that requires a permit to take still photos.