popular initiative

popular initiative

Brazil: Neo-Nazi in Congress.

In our country, law bills of popular initiative are legal and constitutional.

There are hundreds of them in progress. Of local, state and federal levels.

The best known is the law of clean slate. It is in effect. It prohibits the candidacy of persons with criminal past.

We've created www.iniciativa-popular.org to gather and strengthen the projects. To facilitate their progress.

That's why we've been pursued for the last two years. See detailed complaint (Portuguese and English) in


We've presented complaint and request for investigation to the Supreme Court. Only the Supreme can authorize investigation of senators.

"Midas in reverse", so called because everything he touches turns feces, has bribed until our technical team so that the site never works fully.

Twitter of the president of the supreme is @joaquimbarbosa . @STF_brasil and @STF_oficial also arrive there. Please ask him to determine investigation as our request posted on the website of the Supreme Court and published in the aforementioned blog.

Help us neutralize a neo-Nazi who hides in full Brazilian democracy, Today under the wise leadership of President Dilma Rousseff.