The 80 10 10 diet by Douglas Graham recommends a fruitarian
diet based on 80% fresh uncooked fruit
(including any fruit, nut, seed of tree, berry bush,
vine or plant not requiring its killing),
10% fruitarian oils (almond, walnut, olive
etc) and 10% fruitarian protein (nuts, seeds
etc. Graham has counseled professional athletes from around the world
and supervises fasts at his center in the Florida Keys.
Other books are The High Energy Diet Recipe Guide, Nutrition and Athletic Performance, Grain Damage, and his forthcoming book, Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries. about Dr Graham
Fruitarian diet is the
Most high yielding
Most free
Most nonviolent to humans, animals and plants
The only food containing the seeds of its reproduction
The most reforesting
The most energy conserving
The least hazardous to harvesters
The food closest to light
The most timesaving
The most fire preventing
The most crime preventing
The most varied with many thousand times the choice of other diets
The most global temperature stabilizing
The most addiction breaking
The most toxin bouncing
The most natural fiber containing
The most natural antidepressant
The most beautiful
The most fragrant
The most brain developing
The most perfectly packaged
The least stressful on landfills
The most colorful


almond milks. sesame spreads . banana mango smoothies . pecan pies sweetened with date sugar .chili non carne (no flesh) . hummus . succotash (corn, peas, lima beans or other). guacamole (tomato and avocado) lentil burgers. bean soups. coconut ice creams