Dancing Ganesh

Dipping the tip of his broken tusk
Into the ink well, Ganesh writes
Down the bones of an epic story
Which unfolds continuously through
The ages. Recurrently themed and
Full of color and direct action
Truth is a scene of blood and mud
Demons at war with the celestial
Forces who must restore balance
On the topsy turvy earth plane
Warrior goddesses lead their armies
Into furious battles against hordes of
Demonic fighting machines which serve
Kings endowed with supernatural gifts
Acquired through the appeasement of
Gods whom they've fooled in a quest
For power and control of the world
Violent and crazed the fight goes on
To the last, when a faceoff determined
By the Great Mother beheading and eating
The demon king restores righteousness
Ganesh comfortably sits upon a cushion
Before his writing table, eating sweets,
Carefully forming each Sanskrit letter
Patiently creating the picture to inspire
Civilizations through the yugic cycle
Until such time as Brahman reabsorbs
The universe back into its source.
His writing completed, Ganesh goes out
Of his palace to a mystical river
To dance, attracting musicians and the
People join with him to celebrate, bringing
Prasadam food in jute sacks while children
Toss sweets, placing flower garlands around
The patron of writers' thick neck which enjoins
Residents of the devic realm to bestow boons
The sun smiles and the river's fish sing out
Thus it is when an epic is born and a holy
Kundalini energy releases from its coil the
Pulse of the dance that informs the spheres.

Craig Louis Stehr