Graphic video of Mafia Criminal CIA/NATO Wahabbi/Salafi fundi gangster thugs massacring unarmed prisoners.

The IMPERIUM murders again.


New video footage has surfaced online showing foreign-backed insurgents in Syria killing 10 unarmed Syrian prisoners. The video, posted on the internet on Thursday, shows 10 men lying face down next to a lookout tower and a building.

Several international human rights organizations have accused the foreign-sponsored insurgents of committing war crimes.

To further discuss the issue of the recent violence in Syria, Press TV has conducted an interview with Eric Draitser, founder of, from New York to further discuss the issue.

An approximate transcription of the interview with Eric Draitser follows.

Press TV: Images like these are popping up every day on the internet. I mean, these killings seem to become the trend of the day. And it does not seem that the issue of Syria is going to be solved diplomatically. Where is room then for diplomacy?

Draitser: Well, the question is whether or not the western imperial powers actually want room for diplomacy.

We have seen the opportunity for diplomacy in Geneva this summer and in fact the attempts by the Russians and the Chinese was subverted by the United States and the so-called opposition in Syria.

So one would have to doubt very much the sincerity and any claims by the United States or the other western powers as to the need or desires for diplomacy.

Rather, as I have mentioned many times before, chaos is a much better option for the United States. With chaos they can create a failed state and they can execute their political agenda that way.

Press TV: Of course many observers say that the efforts by the west appear to be targeted towards toppling Bashar al-Assad.
I mean one of these cause a power vacuum in the country and as a result, a chaotic situation?

Draitser: Of course it will. And again this is one of the outcomes that they are prepared for and that they in fact would enjoy.

“In order to create a chaotic situation in Syria, we need to create a power vacuum that would be still by the same Islamic extremists, the Jihadis which have been imported into Syria by the same imperial forces.

Those videos, those graphic images which were shown are very similar to what we saw out of Houla, out of Tremseh, and some of the other massacres in the recent months, all of which were manufactured by the death squads which are supported by NATO.

And it is important also to remember the historical precedent here. The United States conducted very similar operations all throughout Latin America in the 1980s. The death squads were organized by John Negroponte there, very similar to the death squads in Syria organized by ambassador, Robert Ford.