Darkly She Comes

We are enjoined to manifest the
Light and "follow spirit" and keep the
Mind anchored at its source and to
Live from there, but you know what?
It is the dark that comes in softly
And with ferocious power, intervenes to
Awaken the ignorant and prove once more
Nature bats last, and the Great Mother
Protects her own with disregard to the
Business schemes and government policies,
Demands of dictators and their lackeys,
She sweeps away civilizations like so much
Dust on the road, laughing and dancing
To the delight of her devotees, and to the
Chagrin of the demonic who cannot win
But try and try and try to rule the world
Age to age in an insane attempt to satisfy
By gorging on money and power and objects
Of desire that sparkle and entice, a shimmering
Mirage ever out of reach but there, just in
Front of everybody, always alluring to the
Unwary who forsake the real for the unreal,
Eschew immortality for mortality, and then
Create global agendas to enslave the earth
To serve materialism's all-consuming needs
Realizing widespread confusion and madness
For which the cure is the play of the goddess
Who appears suddenly, her terrifying form
Invulnerable and restorative of righteousness
Leaving the stunned to haul away the debris
Contemplating what has visited and venerate.

Craig Louis Stehr