Reporting from Washington, D.C.

Iam anti-Wal-Mart not because,
and it is bad enough they do
not respect their employees.
It is common sense with this
big retailer coming to the U.S.
nation's capital on a major
note: Wal-Mart is not going
to respect D.C.---because it is
too big. They are about profits
than people. This puts the
organization Respect DC.ORG
on the spot, considering name
of the group is what it is.
To prove the organization is
approaching shadiness, Nov.
10th, 2012 I posted two
comments on Facebook wall
of Respect D.C. One was kept,
the other deleted. The one
removed got into plainview
negative attitude of a Wal-Mart
joint venture partner planned
for Ward Five---Andrew
Schaeffer. He owns the 14.5
acres surrounded by New
York Avenue North East,
Bladensburg Road and
Montana Avenue. At issue is
way he has mistreated and
continues to mistreat the
huge landscape. Yet his
past offices at 1908
Bladensburg Road N.E., D.C.
and current one at 1801
Bladensburg Road N.E. is in
better conditions than most
buildings on the huge
three-quarter vacated lot.
This lack of maintenance to
the property shows Schaeffer's
disrespect towards community
at-large, District Of Columbia
and the world. But due to my
kind nature in bringing this to
the attention of fellow neighbors
on Respect D.C.'s Facebook
wall, moderators were not
having it. I dropped late
Nov. 2012 word to that
group asking in responce to
that deleted comment, "is
Respect D.C. giving the
public perception that it is
a benevolent organization
when removing my comment
shows it is not? Then that
is fraud". Dec. 2nd, 2012
Mike Wilson responded
with nothing but exuses:

"Iam only one of the
moderators for Respect D.C.",
ect, ect, ect.

If I have to take the initiative
to set the objectives against
Wal-Mart, then so be it. (1)
Wal-Mart will not come to D.C.
(2) Corporate America will
know when to say to when.
(3) And this nonsense that it
is all about money will cease.