Many students underestimate the power of voting and tend to focus on the presidential candidates leaving little to no recognition of the propositions. As mentioned in the article, currently 33 states still have the death penalty in their justice systems. Due to the fact that proposition 34 has failed and proposition 36 has passed, California will continue to have the death penalty and felony convictions of the three strikes law can be revisited. According to the Daily Californian, repealing the death penalty would have created a special fund appropriating $100 million in grants from the general fund directed toward local law enforcement agencies to help with the investigations of cases involving rape and homicide over the course of four years. Prisoners would have to work and receive wage deductions in order to pay restitution to victims. Prisoners already receive close to 23 cents (CNNMoney) an hour making payments to victims not substantial in the slightest as well as creating a huge overcrowding within the prison systems. Having a follow up article regarding the results of all the props from the Sonoma County Ballot would be extremely beneficial and allow students awareness of the policy change that is happening in our society.

Here are some follow up articles that explain more of the topics discussed

The Daily Californian