Media report that an October fundraiser at billionaire Lev Leviev’s New York diamond store, and a portion of Leviev’s November sales will benefit the New York City anti-hunger organization City Harvest. Business Week and Women’s Wear Daily previously reported on other Leviev fundraisers for City Harvest.

Leviev’s companies have a well-documented history of building Israeli settlements on the land of West Bank Palestinian villages. Settlement construction involves the confiscation and/or destruction of village farmland. Leviev’s companies have also been involved in unethical business practices and human rights abuses in the diamond industry in Angola, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Due to this abysmal human rights record, UNICEF, Oxfam America and CARE, and the governments of Norway and the United Kingdom have all publicly disavowed any relationship with Leviev.

Concerned groups of activists have already sent two letters to City Harvest urging them to disavow funds from and ties with Leviev, with no satisfactory response from City Harvest.

Click here to send an Email to City Harvest Telling Them: Say No to Leviev’s Abuses