Returning to California

My subgroup of seasoned radical environmental/
Peace & justice activists were denied housing in
Washington D.C., due to the classic failure of
America's left wing to cooperate for success.
It is that simple. As the United States of America
Goes over the fiscal cliff, and D.C. itself figures out
What to do about its own colossal depression of spirit,
As nearby Philadelphia struggles ever onward, and
New York City mops up storm water, I take to heart
A message received today from Oakland, pointing out
That long ago the U.S. left wing became centralized
Politically, hooked on a bourgeois lifestyle, and all
That remains are "loonies on the fringe" and myself
As a left wing dinosaur! I must say, that after 40 years
Of frontline participation, it never occurred to me that
I would end up in a museum.

Craig Louis Stehr
Written at Saxby's Coffee House
University Mall (near George Mason University)
Fairfax, Virginia