For years and years NYC HPD has suffered from systemic corruption in its management ranks. Generations of corrupt management and young college graduates who know little of anything about housing and construction in NYC are hired as planners, architects, estimators, engineers and directors and assistant commissioners. This leads to huge corruption in the oversight of the housing programs in NYC. Billions of dollars have been wasted that could have been used to house all of New York City's homeless or close the budget gap. The work that is preformed is shoddy at best. This calls for the work to be done twice at higher costs. There are no legitimate bidders because of organized crime rigging the bids. Unions and their officials being paid off. Suppliers starving honest contractors. A nationwide bid process needs to be installed and overseen by law enforcement to correct the billions being stolen. Recently NYC HPD Supervisors were arrested for stealing 22 million dollars in Federal Funds allocated by U.S. HUD.