Murdock Todd Cote (Doc)

Conservatism is incompatible with democracy, prosperity, and civilization in general. It is a destructive system of inequality and prejudice that is founded on deception and has no place in the modern world.
These ideas are not what we need in this world, ideas of hate and fear and injustice of one group controlling another; in blunt terms they inside the RNC have made our beloved constitution a lie, empty words with no meaning what so ever. In 1776, America was a dream a dream that all men and women regardless of age, color, religion, and culture soon we became a nation of many colors, creeds, religions and languages and now days even sexual tolerance when it concerns gender orientation. The ultimate bench mark came in 2008 with the election of America’s First black President.
A President who inherited a fiscal disaster left by a conservative bum a traitor and a liar, he emptied the treasury of every dime we had and left us broke unable to pay our debts, and a road block by corrupt politicians and a corrupt speaker of the house bought and paid for by men and women in back rooms, everything single thing he as President tried to do was blocked at every turn for four years and now it starts over again, with them and the tea party carpet baggers from South Carolina and other places. We are being pushed to an abyss by John Bonner and his gang of corrupt congressmen. It’s kiss they’re ass and do what were told or die.
Conservative have never cared what happens to the guy on the street, or the Elderly, or the infirmed. They are rich we are not, if we get close to they’re level, we get as smart as them or we get too much freedom, they reign us in or collar us like we are animals.
I say unto you as a nation, anyone ever told you what will happen when you corner someone and take away their hope; it is like cornering a dog, cat, rat and so forth, you will get mauled and sometimes killed. I am going to use a quote, it is from the movie King Arthur but let’s understand something it has meaning and it has truth to you it’s just some line from a movie to me it’s something they cannot take from me ever.
“ the gift of freedom is yours by right, it’s not in some far off land, it’s in us and our actions on this day; if this be our destiny they so be it, but let history remember that as free men we chose to make it so”
Sartorius Castes (King Arthur)
The conservative are to them the ruling class, they do not believe in freedom, justice no equality; they are in retrospect no better than the Nazi Party of 1933 Germany, they want a dictatorship. I heard the bi-partisanship word many times in Washington I have not seen it in any form in Washington. Just two street gangs biting for power over the weak and those afraid to say anything. Well one day a warrior will rise from the ashes of what you now destroy and will bring back humanity and true freedom. The conservatives and republican party has made the constitution, the bill of rights and everything good about our people lie, if you have a real problem, a real issue do not bother with them they do care if hungry or cold, or if your broken in body or mind they do not care and they will do nothing to ease your burden, they on occasion will blame you for your troubles.
They’re man who they got elected did the following
1. 2000, he emptied the treasury of a two hundred billion dollar surplus
2. 2003, congress gives him a blank check to which he emptied the accounts of the United States
3. 2004, ? how did the CIA miss what was going on in the weeks following September 11th ? how could they stand there and watch over three thousands Americans die? Who gave the orders to look the other way
4. 2005, his brother tampered with the election which got him a second term
5. ? why did it take ten years and another President to kill Osama Bin Laden
Ladies and gentlemen this is conservatism at its best, also you notice that it’s the poor that fight these battles, these bush wars, ever see a rich kid bleed never cause they momma’s and papa’s would not hear of their sons and daughters dyeing on a battle field.