There are many stories of experiments on dissidents and/or ordinary citizens committed to try and understand how best to control the population of the country. Ideally they either wanted to prevent dissent or to curb it. Additionally, they wanted to learn how best to transform a person's thinking so that they would come back around to the government's way of thinking, once an individual had begun to question – or that certain people in the government believed possibly had doubts.
There were the many people that were simply jailed and sent off to gulags, etc. In those facilities, of course, there were numerous experiments, and pretty horrific stories of torture. The idea in gulags was to remove members of society deemed dangerous to the stability of maintaining a communist style regime. The Soviet government wanted to remove any possibility they could influence the greater population in any way that the government would find threatening.
What they wanted were people that just did whatever they were told without question. They wanted people that easily bent and conformed, so that whatever they said was the right thing to do would be accepted as the correct step no matter what. If they wanted to draft people for a war or raise taxes for a war, they wanted blind obedience. The government says it so it must be a just war, and we won't be wasting huge amounts of our hard earned money on nonsense or for corrupt reasons like personal enrichment of just a select few people. They are right and pure. No dissent.
So usually any break in conformity was dealt with swiftly and harshly. If the person did not immediately change or promise to, it was off to the gulag- usually. There were of course exceptions.
In small enclaves, in parts of regions, the communist government of the U.S.S.R. at times experimented with trying to “reform” members of the population right out in broad daylight. These could be people that held views that strayed in any way from the hard party line, and sometimes they committed experiments on people that had not, just to see what would happen. They did this by using fear, bribery and other methods to convince the locals the experiments were a good thing. They would first essentially install government employees, typically KGB or military intelligence, and have them pose as villagers, townies, etc. They would get jobs, make friends and gain trust.
Then, they would approach local retired military vets. These were people that would do what was asked without question, and reservation, as they were trained to do so. They would have the military personnel help them recruit other locals, and to convince still others to get on board. Local politicians and higher ups would be brought on board with promises of power, material benefits, extortion or all three. People would be told the person was dangerous, a traitor and a criminal, and thus they were being patriotic and heroic by helping the government deal with such insidious forces amongst them.
People asked questions, but were quickly treated to U.S.S.R. style harassment. Examples of such were as small as neighbors walking out of their houses at the same time they did, like maybe to take out the trash, and just staring blankly at them, or in a knowing manner, with accusatory undertones. They would leave their houses at the same time to walk to the bus or get into their cars, and do the same thing. They would stand around at the gas station in groups murmuring and staring. It gave them the sense they were being watched or stalked, and it intimidated and struck fear in most people.
When they were picking up groceries and provisions, people working in such places might make mumbled remarks about them being a traitor or unpatriotic in some other way. That was enough to change most people's minds, and they would just go along. Bribes and gifts were also given to participants to send a message that material benefit was to be gained by helping the government conduct experiments on innocent members of their community.
Once this was established, the experiments could take place, with no people, but those at the very top of the food chain, in terms of those experiments, knowing what was really happening in total. All others were just given bits and pieces, and were told to obediently play their role and shut up, or else.
One of the experiments done, on innocent persons just to see what would happen, under such communist circumstances was to attempt to use spies posing as unstable characters and introduce them into their lives. They targeted a man and put women in his path in the hopes they would attract him. They would try and put them in close proximity, install them in places he frequented as employees, etc or they would randomly pop up in places meant to make it seem like some sort of destined thing that he might normally just take as a sign to approach the person.
Once the relationship was established, the woman would begin acting more and more crazy. It was just to see what the person would do, how long it would take for them to break it off and what people would put up with for different periods of time.
In one instance they had a man go out on two dates with a woman he met at a local store. After the second date the woman actually broke into his house, because he didn't answer the doorbell. Things continued like that to see how far he would allow it to go – all of this on the taxpayer dime. On another, a spy posing as new employee at his job, seduced him and eventually they became intimate. Afterwards she told him she was married, and that her husband would be dying soon to see how far he would take it before he broke that off.
In yet another they had a person seduce a young man under the guise she was the same age as he, then a few years later they said she was a minor. They then spread the rumor that he was a molester, to see the effect it would have on him and how the community would react and treat him. In another they had a woman seduce a man, appear to be normal, then suddenly show up at his house drugged out of her gourd to see how long they could play with his mind that way until he would break it off. On others they had a woman pose as a normal stable person and then after she did things to cause him to break it off, she started hanging signs and odd drawings on his windows and putting them on his lawn asking him to come back. Then she would drive past his house at all hours of the day and sit in a parking lot adjacent to his job to see how they would react to the stalking.
None of these women were real, of course they were all spies or what we would call here just plain cops, and after the breakup of the Soviet Union, many of these stories came to light. Even as it ended they said a sign of the commie government's waning power was when the revelations that these had actually been experiments and were not actual crazy people, or whatever, came to light. The person who broke into the man's house - a perfectly competent spy. The person that seduced the man then said she was married, not married at all, just an employee of one of their intelligence services. The underage person was not underage at all, and was in fact a year older than he – and a cop of course. The stalker, just a cop, spy or whatever they were using. They were all perfectly sane, grown up and single, though morally shot, if not afflicted with mild aspergers or sociopathy explaining their Bill Clintonesque lack of scruples regarding sex and government power. Sometimes they would use the information for purposes of experimenting with sexual blackmail, in terms of what was effective or not. It was all an illusion of course, as there were never real people, just cops essentially.
According to accounts, the people doing the experiments apparently got so out of hand that during some vodka induced hallucination, they even used a series of these to try and convince a man that did not trust his government to trust them more. Of course it only made him angry and more distrustful of his government and relationships period. That particular incident came to be known as the Grand Tessler Fail for a particular vodka inspired, taxpayer dollar heavy and wasteful aspect that just completely missed the mark. Wwaaaayyy off target.
It's nice to know we live in a country that doesn't do that. Can you imagine? The waste of tax dollars? Innocent Americans being experimented on? How much time and money would they spend to cover stuff like that up here? Boy. And our money too, not even theirs, as there is no real government money, just ours. Good thing in our country the truth always ends up coming to light.
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