Think not only of this note, but also of the MILLIONS of medicated children all over the world who are having their future destroyed every day by the pills they take; each pill delivering side effects such as suicidal tendencies, aggressive thoughts, coma, liver failure and death.
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Here is the note: "Andy Lai recently passed away based on his account here it was sometimes in June.
He posted this note on his Facebook account on, July 4, 2011,
titled "Happy Independence Day":
"Hello senator. It is your slave andy. Happy Independence Day. All across America, people are celebrating "freedom". I feel that freedom is something taken for granite. Today people might be celebrating the death of osama bin laden, their latest capitalistic endeavor, or just simply the flashy lights in the sky. Do they really understand freedom?
The power to act, speak, or think without externally imposed restraints. I never fully grasped the concepts until they were taken from me. I have been in six mental health facilities, which two were state facilities. Where they told me this was my second opinion from a professional, as they took away my constitutional right to bare arms. There I was forced to take pills that took away my reproductive function otherwise faced restrained injection and a longer sentence. I say to you freedom. I was once punched in the face three times by a man who feared something more than I. My family and what is left of my friends dare not to speak to me about what exactly is happening to me. I have been brain washed to leave my home wondering the streets, not drinking water, and not allowed to sleep otherwise faced extreme muscle contraction. I have seen my life in comedic shows and movies where they just laughed at me every step of the way. An entire town has been turned against me with the local authorities doing your bidding because of your political know how. I say to you freedom.
You say that I am still free to do your bidding or else become an old bitter man in prison. I say to you freedom. I will fight with the shreds of dignity you have left me with. So that one day, I will have the shreds of freedom you will have left me with. I will fight you till the bitter end. I say to you senator patty murray…. freedom."
More Actions from Petition for Investigation of the Fraud of Psychiatry.
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