People can feel so many emotions regarding their freedom, and how it relates to where they have come from, where they are and where they desire to go in life. Here in America we often take for granted the freedoms we have, and forget that there are and have been places that didn't come close to being able to enjoy the same kinds of freedoms we do. There are places that have been oppressed in so many ways.
Just turn on your television and watch the many stories about the former communist Russia (USSR). With the opening of many of their secret archives following the collapse of the Soviet Union came the revelations of just how tortuously and sadistically oppressive the regime was. There are so many stories, sometimes it's just so hard to know which ones to talk about.
Whether it's a well researched book by a journalist or academic, or a special on a cable news network or even a personal account, there are many sources for stories. One I remember seeing on a particular cable news network involved a man that was seen as a potential threat to the power structure of the USSR's. He was not a threat because of any arms or any sort of physical force he may or may not have brought about, be it to one person or many. He was not a threat in terms of having a certain hard philosophy and a group of followers. He simply had some beliefs that contravened what the ruling party of the USSR (one less than what we are allowed, as the joke goes) believed, and he had discussed this a time or two in the past with a couple of friends. He had no intentions of doing anything against his government as, though he wanted more freedoms, just like most people, he was still proud of his nationality.
But the government had been doing experiments with people in what they called efforts to “reform” certain citizens of the USSR. Hard line communist, and those blindly loyal to the commies, believed no freedom of belief and thought could be brooked, and that if it manifested itself it had to be stamped out before it spread like a plague. The hard line communist minded folk during that time believed in isolation, so they sent people to prisons to live out their lives for thinking their own thoughts essentially and expressing them. Not terrible thoughts, just stuff like wondering aloud if they wouldn't be better off with more than the one political party they were allowed, etc. This was the norm for the communists in Russia – for innocent civilians, that mean all the government there was.
But, the prisons were becoming overcrowded, and it was expensive to house prisoners, so the government began running experiments in thought control. One of the experiments consisted of drugging people's food provisions and drink to see what effect various drugs would have on their psyche. They wanted to find a drug that would get people to think one way only. A miracle drug in their minds – the golden communist pill. If not, then a combination of drugs that would produce the same effect – the magic commie combination.
The man referred to earlier was a test subject, and they would spike his bread, meat cheese and other dairy products and also his vodka with drugs meant to have the desired effect – the commie effect. They wanted to isolate him through behavior, by making him more docile, less prone to creative thought, less inclined to think independently and more apt to simply be like a single minded working drone. They wanted to stop the thoughts and hopefully create the ultimate communist thoughtless herd animal. No American there or trace of real Americanism.
Funny thing happened on the way to the com-bie apocalypse. They learned that you can load people up with all manner of sedatives and psychoactives, to physically force changes to their behavior. You could give them drugs that would cause them to gain weight and have respiratory issues to keep them from wanting to go out and interact with others, or to sleep more for purposes of isolation. However, no matter how much they tried, the effects were temporary at best.
People still believed what they believed previously once off the drugs. They were never able to be made to think differently themselves.
And, it's what our founding fathers believed. They didn't want what we would call commie drones, they wanted free thinking men and they felt it was only truly free people that would inspire Americans to help build the best society there could be. They believed that free discussions and debates would only strengthen the nation in terms of learning about where we have come from, who we are and where we are going to be in the future possibly. No commie devices for shaping minds to the shape desired by the government during any period of our democracy, just good old fashioned inventiveness, creativity, intellect and intelligence (not the kind people loyal to the the communists practiced of spying on and informing on each other's neighbors).
So inadvertently, through all the money, time and resources, the communists loyal to Russia's past spent on trying to invent the perfect commie, they gave us something to remind us of just how precious a true democracy and government of the people, unhindered by interference or limitations on freedom to assemble, freedom of speech and freedom to participate in a government of the people by the people really is. Of the many things to be thankful for this Holiday season let's take the time to be thankful for the gift our forefathers gave us of being able to fight the would be oppressors, be they commies or otherwise, seeking to stifle thought and the ability to live a normal life – that's freedom to think and express those thoughts. May supporters of true democracy always prevail over those seeking to cut into it, whether it's for power, money or sadistic need. May we remain diverse and a true melting pot and stifle anything seeking to stifle what is so precious to everyone; freedom.
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