As per usual in these instances, reports say teachers used themselves to hold up against doors in order to protect their terrified students. Additional reports tell of teachers calling 911 and their loved ones to say good bye.

"Honey, there is a shooter in the school killing our children. I love you. I love you. Please pray for us. Good bye."

New testimony by staffers also describes what may have been administration "school safety" admin being directed to push back against doors from the hallways to force their way into rooms as teachers desperately tried to keep them closed.

Horan Watch promises to "first and foremost make sure these kids get the care they need immediately. The other stuff will come later. Right now these parents don't know what happened and many of these kids may not have the words to tell them".

As UFT union administration and DOE administration arrived that week to discuss, it is reported that at least one of them attempted to cover his name badge as they refused to meet with their union members without the management in the room, and refused to even talk about what transpired during the drill. In fact, multiple sources claim that the UFT rep took the lead in threatening their own members that the principal will suspend anyone who continues to speak to press or reach out to parents.

"These students have spent their entire lives battling everyday to overcome severe emotional and cognitive disability. For any student in any school, this would be traumatic. To these kids it may prove further devastating to their rehabilitation" shared a petition signer at the call to action.

Petitioners from all over the country add, ""Next, are we going to light matches for all our school fire drills and let the kids think their school is really burning???""

""If someone staged a "mock massacre" in any other public building, City Hall perhaps, it would be considered an act of terrorism!""

"An unannounced drill in which it is broadcast that there is an intruder is bad enough for any school. But for a school of disabled kids, it's outrageous."

Horan Watch added, "First, there are kids all over the country are now benefiting from programs designed to answer their questions about the Sandy Hook massacre. By social workers. And here we have these kids, disabled, low-income kids of color, who were subjected to the many of the same events of a real school shooing without anyone to talk to whatsoever. Why? Because of an abusive administration trying to sweep them under the rug. Then you have the nation remembering again how amazing their teachers are, what they are prepared to do for their kids, with their lives... and as we remember them, these teachers who also used their bodies to save their kids, are going to be fired. Not to mention, the horror they had to endure. Imagine using your body to hold down a door that is being pushed by a shooter, calling your loved ones at their jobs to say goodbye to them. Only to find out the person pushing the door is your smirking management?"

How does Horan Watch plan to continue?

""We are parents. We are students. We are teachers. We're investigating deeper and deeper and we're going to name names until we find justice. This administration must go.""

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CHANGE.ORG: A Staged School Shooting Traumatized 400 Disabled Kids and Teachers, We Demand Justice