Russian President Vladimir Putin has unleashed a wave of repression against the left-wing of the movement for democratic reform in his country. There have been arrests and torture of socialists, anarchists, antifascists and liberals. Putin’s arrests come just as he plans to propose austerity measures that will curtail labor rights and pensions. The police crackdown is an attempt to cut off the head of the democracy movement before it can erupt into wider social protest. Discussion will include organizing international solidarity with the Left Front and the fight for socialism and democracy in Russia.

Also on Sunday’s agenda are an update on labor activism by longshoremen and the possibility of an upcoming strike affecting east coast ports, and current NY branch activities.

The meeting starts at 2:30pm. Admission is free. A tasty brunch (vegetarian-friendly) will be available at 2pm for a $10 donation. Meeting starts at 2:30pm at Freedom Hall, 113 W. 128th St. (just west of Malcolm X Blvd.; closest subway is #2/3 to 125th St.).

For more information, call 212-222-0633 or email