The psychostimulant drug used to control the attention or activity level, methylphenidate (is sold under the names of Rubifen®, Omozin®, Medikinet®, ritalin and Concerta® ) do not cure the condition and there is no exclussive evidence that increases the social function or educative abilities. The principal reason fo the use of these drugs is to produce some short period effects in attention and activity of the child. These psychostimulant drugs are listed as controlled substances under the Schedule II of August 2010, Report from CCHR, childhood growing risk due to bad diagnosis and use of psycho-drugs 4.
It’s a fact that when established medicine treats illness, psychiatry treats “disorders”. In absence of a cause or known physiology, a group of symptoms and signs – observed in many different patients . are labeled as disorder or syndrome. Psychiatrist Joseph Glenmullen of Harvard University says that in psychiatry “all their diagnostics are merely syndroms (or disorders), groups of synthoms that is presumed are associated, not illness”.
Many of the symptoms utilized in the diagnosis of Childs (with ADD & ADHD) are common in the daily life.
ADD & ADHD symthoms – the conduct disorder that is more commonly diagnosed. - just as how its enlisted in the DSM - IV diagnostic manual from the APA (American Psychiatrist Association), includes “ do not pay enough attention to details or commits mistakes by carelessness in homework; dirty and uncared; experience difficulties top pay attention in work or recreational activities; do not seem to be listening; do not complete homework or other duties, moves in a nervy way; twists on the chair, stands up from the classroom chair or in other situations in which is supposed to stay sit; running or jumping excessively; have difficulties to play and commonly is “on the way”, talks excessively, interrupts the conversation of others”. L. Ron Hubbard, in his writings, give us a natural and precise solution to these disorders.