Sadistic personality disorder is characterized by cruel and demeaning acts against others, or their property, for the purpose of attaining pleasure or psychological satisfaction. Sadists may harm animals, destroy families, plot against others, set fires, exploit companies in order to steal large amounts of funds etc. However, pure sadists are not interested in money, or any material for that matter. Their objective in life is to humiliate their enemies - ever hear the term sadistic laughter ?

Sadists are incredibly self-confident, unlike other personality disorders, their confidence is legitimate. Sadists are not harming others because they do not respect themselves, or to boost their confidence, they harm others because it is their greatest enjoyment out of life. Some sadists gain psychological satisfaction, others attain a sexual satisfaction. Many rapists are known to have sadistic-personality-disorder. Sadists also enjoy the emotional torment of others, either by exploiting an already emotionally unstable person, or by creating a chaotic situation on the down-low.

Now then, there are four sub-types of sadistic personality disorder... (Please note a sadist may display or have one, many, or all of these sub-types)

1.) The Explosive Sadist; with borderline features. This type of sadist may hide their unstable emotions and channel them into violent actions against others. Setting fires, making bombs, vandalism, are all venues used to escape the normally stressful world they live in. The explosive sadist has considerable amounts of aggression against others and those who don't submit to the explosive sadist may be subject to decapitation or weapon threats. This type of sadist may be the only type who displays/contains a lower level of confidence.

2.) The Tyrannical Sadist; with passive-aggressive features Tyrannical sadists will malevolently plot against others who they perceive to be their enemy or target. Tyrannical sadists enjoy the position of "mastermind" and are said to be constantly preoccupied with narcissistic aspirations. The tyrannical sadist also may hold a high position (even boss/manager) at their work place, they may deliberately aspire to this position just to boss around their lower-level employees. If an employee does something wrong, they may wait until they get home, not displaying any dissatisfaction at first, then call them and threaten them later.

3.) The Enforcing Sadist; including compulsive features A highly impulsive, and organized type of sadist. Many times diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive-personality-disorder or previously pure Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder. The enforcing sadist is preoccupied with controlling others, intimidating and threatening those close to him/her (family,friends) in order to exploit their sympathy until they give in and meet the sadists demands. The enforcing sadist is commonly very intelligent and knows exactly how to manipulate others to their will. Despite what the sadist gains from their victim (material-wise,response-wise etc), the true objective was really to obtain satisfaction from the suffering or weakening of their victim. The enforcing sadist will strive to great lengths to prove a point, any battling is useless especially with compulsive types, they will just intensify their demands. The enforcing sadist has been known to pit one family member or an entire family against another, and sit back and watch the fighting and anger in delight.

4.) The Spineless Sadist; including avoidant features Spineless sadists avoid noise and attention, isolating themselves from most of the world, and engaging in sadistic fantasies. They will plan their acts of sadism and sadistic crimes well; spineless sadists make good rapists and murderers. They will wait for an opportunity, and abduct their victims, then torture them in an isolated spot. Hence the name spineless. They do not like communicating with masses of people, and enjoy being alone, commonly found cleaning their bladed weapons or firearms. Although cleaning can also be an obsessive-compulsive trait (relating to enforcing sadist).