Recently, there was the Arab Spring, and during that time we watched members of our own government come to the aid of certain dictators and hold them up as our “friends.” When every day, hardworking people in Egypt became fed-up, and decided to take to the streets demanding their freedom, the thought was on the streets of America that the Obama Administration, supposedly the administration of hope, peace and freedom, would back the protesters and ask the government of Hosni Mubarak to hear the calls of those seeking freedom.
We thought they would step forward like knights in shining armor as an example to all those that voted for Barack Obama in 2008 that we were right. That he was a good man, made of different things, as he came from us, not the pampered elite. We awaited their statement, and when it came, it was Vice President Joe Biden the president had speak for him. Joe Biden said, “Egypt's leader Mubarak is not a ‘dictator,’ and shouldn’t step down.” ( He told PBS's the News Hour, “Look, Mubarak has been an ally of ours in a number of things and he's been very responsible on, relative to geopolitical interests in the region: Middle East peace efforts, the actions Egypt has taken relative to normalizing the relationship with Israel. And I think that it would be -- I would not refer to him as a dictator.” (
So a man our vice president stood up for and defended was the very man that ran a regime under which, “Law enforcement officers 'routinely and deliberately use torture and ill-treatment -- in ordinary criminal cases as well as with political dissidents and security detainees -- to coerce confessions, extract other information, or simply to punish detainees,' the report said. Human Right Watch said it called for 'immediate legal, structural, and political reforms to ensure that the judicial system holds perpetrators of torture accountable and deters future abuse.'” ( ( (
Just for routine police work people were physically tortured and unduly punished. This was the man the vice president talked up as a good old boy essentially, one of his buds across the sea basically. Under President Richard Nixon, we also supported the coup that brought about the ruthless and bloody dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in Chile during the 1970's. Chileans were tortured, raped, kidnapped and killed with no explanation. Our leaders wrapped their hands in the blood soaked hands of that nation's dictators with relish and big smiles. (
Our government also helped support and advise Saddam Hussein in his rise to power. People like Donald Rumsfeld were instrumental in supporting him and giving him aid behind the scenes. ( We worked with him up to the early 1960's. And then, in the early 1960's, working against him, until the early 1980's when we again began supplying him with arms to help fight elements in Iran that had come to power our government did not like. (
But we have also put a friendly handshake like embrace on elements within our own country that have been involved in things like rape and torture and/ or have known about it and allowed it. Take the defense contractors, DynCorp, out of Texas, for example. They have been caught red handed being involved in human trafficking on at least four occasions. It happened in Bosnia, where their employees were purchasing the passports of girls around the age of twelve years old for the purposes of keeping these girls as “girlfriends.” They would take them to company functions as their “dates” and no one within the DynCorp corporate structure would bat an eyelash. (
Then they were caught using an armored vehicle, paid for by you and me for military purposes, to transport Eastern European prostitutes (most often slaves) into the green zone in Iraq. It came to light when an unarmored car they had switched with that was required to go on a mission flipped over killing people inside. (
Next, they were caught in Columbia purchasing sex from underage girls again. The videotapes of their molestations were distributed on the streets of Bogota, and one of the girls that was molested committed suicide out of shame. (
Then of course the most recent was when they were throwing sex parties where they hired young underage boys dressed up like girls to perform traditional sexual dances, where, according to tradition, they would then be bid on at the end of the night to be raped. ( ( Can you imagine? What kind of people pay to molest young boys orphaned by war after dressing them up as underage girls?
Yet these people are still on the US taxpayer dime. DynCorp is one of the three major providers of security services to the US government, and when I called them myself I was told that working for the US Government was pretty much all they did. Why is it that the President, the Vice President, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense and so many others have no problems touching their hands in warm embrace as though they were friends?
Are these the friends of the American public? Are these the friends of freedom, liberty, justice and democracy? If this was a schoolteacher, a gregarious local weatherman, a popular athletics coach, etc that had been molesting and raping young kids, we would have no problems having them tried and punished to the fullest extent of the law. These are terrorists of children. When will our government stop turning a blind eye to torture, rape and molestation? What kinds of people are these people of hope and change really? It's as ridiculous as the childish cycles of terrorism and apartheid-like oppression between Palestine and Israel and how it's just negatively affected the whole world.
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