Electroshock causes more harm than good. It is forced on many people worldwide. It is given to young children and the elderly (esp. elderly women).
Electroshock machines have never been tested or approved by the F.D.A.
The most common public reaction is " does that still go on in our hospitals?"
1. 'ECT' involves the passing of an electric current through the brain of a depressed person
2. 'ECT' has been in use since l938
3. Toronto, Montreal & Ireland 2007 protest electroshock!
4.  http://picasaweb.google.com/maryemaddock/EctProtestDauntSquare
5. The latest research by Dr Harold Sackeim, himself a promoter of electroshock, found that it caused brain damage and dysfunction in every case.
By Mary Maddoc and Judith Haire.
The CCHR, inspirited by L. Ron Hubbard Works, continued to lobby for legislative reform on mental health issues such as the keeping of detailed computer records on involuntarily committed patients and their families, and "drug experimentation" without patients' consent. The CCHR would typically request a tour of a psychiatric hospital, issue a public report based on patient testimony and other sources, and then push for legal investigations and reform. Its early focus was on involuntary commitment procedures.