Fire the U.S. Congress for Treason: How Many Blatant Favors for AIPAC?

By Ron Russ

How many times will U.S. elected Representatives of the U.S. House and Senate have to kiss Israel’s ass, and in how many ways, before “our” country will build a true national security team—that is one actually focused on U.S. security and not primarily on Israel’s?

It is bad enough when Jewish-Americans politicians (with more substantive allegiance to Israel than the U.S.) like junior Senator Ben Cardin for Maryland, claiming his decision on whether Chuck Hagel will be a good Secretary of Defense resides on whether he is onboard with Israel’s/AIPAC’s agenda of having war with Israel’s enemy Iran (at least as backup force); or NY Senator Chuck Schumer equivocating about not “feeling” comfortable with voting for Hagel because of some of Hagel’s past attitudes; but even more so with suck-ups like Lindsey Graham giving about the best ass-kissing one could expect (to think some confederates once had some principle of pride and independence).

This is not about being prudish regarding tawdry consensual affairs in various flavors—people can suck-up to who they want on their own dine—but when the majority of the U.S. Representatives and Senators constantly put Israel’s priorities before American that’s called treason—and this form of treason that has been going on far too long. It didn’t bother many all that much when Bill Clinton was found messing around as President—at least not nearly as much as when he, and practically all American politicians, have become prostitutes for Israel.

Someone should remind Senator Chuck Schumer for whom he works. Mr. Schumer, when you function as a national Senator in capacity of the entire nation, you do NOT work primarily for Jewish interests or Israel or anyone connected to Israel. You work for ALL Americans (including the 90+% who are not Jewish) and ONLY Americans. When Chuck Hagel was criticized for a retort that he is an American Senator and not an Israeli Senator he should be given a standing ovation. More importantly to think your goal is to find someone who goes along with whatever Israel and the Jewish community wants without criticism or confrontation is clearly to abnegate YOUR duty to this country. You are a United States Senator Mr. Schumer and it is time to start acting and thinking like it.

To think William Kristol, a Neo-Con-Artist, whose cabal was the main think tank whose positioning for a “new” Pearl Harbor (see Project for a New American Century) and all the wars that could transpire in “favor” of Israel after 9/11, has the gall, as regenerate, to position himself as a viable spokesperson for the American mainstream, or even a viable and respectable spokesperson for a wider Jewish community, in unbelievable. Who is he to think his opinion means a damn thing to anybody? (Of course he doesn’t have a problem with John Kerry—because John Kerry has always been an Israeli kiss-asser—which is what Kristol really defines as being “in” the mainstream). But how can he know what is the real mainstream is when he is so far from it?

This is the corruption mainstream media and much of even the left-wing has failed to acknowledge and address—the level of conspiratorial ass-kissing between Washington D.C. and Tel-Aviv. His ideas could only be valid if the American “mainstream” means either of two things—(1) the mainstream itself is highly corrupted (which is true)—or (2) the mainstream is very ignorant and full of lies (which is equally true).

Meanwhile we equally have a Bolshevik play going on by Senator Diane Feinstein, another Israel-firster (and why are our American Intelligence Committees over-represented with Jewish-Americans?), wants to take away our right to own guns (as she and her ilk like Jane Harmon have already seen to it that our personal rights to privacy have been and continue to be violated by giving telecommunication companies the right to spy on us with impunity. We don’t need more Trotskys creating a Police State plans to dis-empower and disembowel the American people with unquestioned support for a secretly operated and ever-growing Joe Lieberman Homeland Security. Our national security is not what Jewish leaders want—it is what is best for all Americans (including Muslim Americans).

Look at all the unnecessary killing and torture they are already taken place based on phony intelligence—some advocated by Israelis and U.S. Media. All these secret Charlie Wilson Wars in Iraq, Syria and Iran, ad nauseum, is because of a cowardly media and a cowardly political establishment here in the United States—that too much kowtows to what AIPAC expects. Even the Presidential debates on foreign policy almost “exclusively” focused on the megalomania of what is good for Israel (as Obama has too much played into this game).

Fire the U.S. Congress for Treason: How Many Blatant Favors for AIPAC?