It has become abundantly clear that President Obama has absolutely no respect for the rule of law or our existing principles of government. No man who did respect our governing principles would ever consider usurping the role of Congress as “lawmaker” to create an unconstitutional mandate.
Obama announced yesterday that he intends to pursue “executive actions” that will enhance gun control measures. This means he will do so without Congress, despite the fact that it is supposed to be the other way around- Congress is supposed to create laws and the executive branch is supposed to be in charge of ensuring that these laws are executed. The Supreme Court is supposed to oversee these two branches and ensure that what they’re doing is legal according to the Constitution.
Obama’s latest radicalism is right out of the despot handbook. Capitalizing on a horrific tragedy, Obama has stepped in to exercise powers that simply do not exist to enforce his political agenda and help diminish the effectiveness of a population to defend itself against tyranny. He has circumvented the governing body and, on the issue of Second Amendment protections, will rule by edict.
It is absolutely shameful, unconscionable and unconstitutional. It is my sincerest hope that states will refuse to comply with such illegal and illegitimate “executive actions” concerning gun rights and will support the right of the people to keep and bear arms without infringements.