“…I think those who are behind the war on Press TV on Hispan TV and on what we call alternative media are exactly the ones who do not want the message to reach the audience,” Tehran-based journalist and political commentator, Hamid Reza Emadi said in an interview with Press TV on Sunday.

Referring to Press TV’s broad coverage of the eight-day Israeli attack on Gaza in November 2012, the analyst said the Zionist regime aims to silence Iranian channels as it does not want the likes of Press TV to be around in case of an another assault.

Emadi criticized Western countries double-standard approach to freedom of speech, saying that Iranian news channels have been under constant attack by satellite companies in Europe and even by the US government for their factual and truthful news coverage.

“They do not want Press TV to show the protests on the streets, the crackdown, the violent crackdown of European governments on their own people, on peaceful protesters on the streets of Athens, on the streets of Madrid, on the streets of London,” he added.

On Friday, the Spanish government ordered the satellite service provider Hispasat to take the Iranian Spanish language channel, Hispan TV off the air.

The move comes a month after the Spanish satellite company - Hispasat - terminated the terrestrial broadcast of Hispan TV, which was immediately welcomed by the American Jewish Committee (AJC), calling it an important development in worldwide efforts to contain Iran's media influence.

Hispan TV, along with Iran's 24-hour English language news channel Press TV, has already been targeted by other European satellite providers, Eutelsat and Hotbird.

Hispasat is partly owned by Eutelsat, whose French-Israeli CEO is blamed for the recent wave of attacks on Iranian media in Europe.