Weekly News Update on the Americas
Issue #1160, January 20, 2013

1. Cuba: Documents Describe US “Transition Plans”
2. Honduras: Are “Model Cities” Back on the Agenda?
3. Mexico: US Plans to Train Commandos for “Drug War”
4. Mexico: Victims’ Movement Calls for US Gun Control
5. Links to alternative sources on: Latin America, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Caribbean, Haiti

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*1. Cuba: Documents Describe US “Transition Plans”
New information about the inner workings of the Cuba Democracy and Contingency Planning Program (CDCPP)--a multimillion-dollar program administered by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) ostensibly to promote democracy in Cuba—were made public on Jan. 15 when a major USAID contractor filed program-related documents in federal court in Washington, DC. The documents are being used in an effort by Maryland-based Development Alternatives Inc (DAI) to win the dismissal of a $60 million lawsuit against it and USAID by the family of US citizen Alan Gross, a DAI subcontractor now serving a 15-year prison sentence in Cuba for his work there for the CDCPP [see World War 4 Report 8/6/11). The DC-based research group National Security Archive posted the documents on its website on Jan. 18.[...]

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