Foundation for a Drug-Free World campaign it’s based in the statistically proven fact that wherever young’s presents to, with “The truth about drugs”, the illegal use is reduced. In consequence, the information campaign and the Foundation for a Drug-Free World count with 13 booklets of the truth about drugs, one for each one of the chemicals which consume the most. The campaign materials includes also a kit for the educator to provide to teachers, order forces and community groups, effective tools to help young’s to take the right decision. Mordant public service announcements and documentary video series that complement The truth about drugs, 90 minutes of each drug of possible election explained from those who have been there.
To the date, more than 700 millions have heard or seen the Truth about drugs message, inspired from the works of L. Ronald Hubbard, and where the campaign materials have flooded the population’s, the consume index has diminished spectacularly and now millions of lives have been saved, with just only see or listen this message of The truth about drugs.