Right now in America, when looking at just the only two parties we are allowed really, Democrats win out over Republicans. They flat out have more voters registered under their banner regarding party affiliation. ( http://www.gallup.com/poll/159740/democrats-establish-lead-party-affiliation.aspx) That isn't very surprising given the recent nationwide elections, right?
However, what might surprise some people, or maybe not, is that the amount of people considering themselves independent, neither Democrat nor Republican necessarily, is higher than ever. When we add the option for independent, the numbers are 40% Independent, 31% Democrat and 27% Republican. ( http://www.gallup.com/poll/151943/record-high-americans-identify-independents.aspx) Americans are fed up with the status quo.
Consistency is good, but times change and so does the world. We live in an age people in 1854 never could have imagined. It was before the internal combustion engine powered automobiles, it was before celluloid images captured images for moving films, it was before the light bulb had been patented by Thomas Edison. It was when the Republican Party was founded.
The Republicans essentially took over after the Whig Party split and died. Democrats were already in place and had been pretty much since the birth of our nation. Though other minor third parties came about they all flickered out as quickly as they lit up.
As a result here we are in 2013 and we are stuck with the same two parties we've had for almost 160 years now. No change there. Our entire economy has changed from being oriented towards manufacturing and production to what is believed will be the economy of the future, a more service oriented one.
We walk around with telephones that can access and store data and run applications that can do things we couldn't even do manually 100 years ago. We have laptops, tablets wifi, broadband, electric cars run by computers and new technology like 3-D printing already a reality and set to change the way manufacturing gets done and is even considered in the future. We walk into a store and there are so many different kinds of the same thing to choose from.
Competition in the free market are hallmarks of our society and this is reflected everywhere in the way we do business, and our attitude towards how we consume and even our relationship with our government and how much or how little they are involved in our lives. Yet, with all the people fed up with what's currently on the market and choosing to say, “neither,” why are there no new serious alternatives allowed?
When any other monopolies come to pass, our government jumps on them to ensure fair play is at work. So why don't they do this with regards to addressing our nations obvious problem of two parties dominating the landscape and not allowing other players? Why aren't any new products to address this feeling of dissatisfaction or maybe malcontent with what the marketplace has to offer?
Maybe it's because the people that would have to do that are also the people currently benefitting from the status quo. They are the ones with the monopoly, and we are the ones having to endure their various attempts to keep power and thus the money going to them. In the process of manipulating things the two have essentially come to be like two sides of the same coin or two heads on the same body.
Oh they make a good show and can pretend like they hate each other, but really, that's not how it always is. Their biggest threat is not each other, it's our vote. There was a time we believed government could do no wrong, and that if we just went with what was happening and did not question a thing life would get better. But they have done a poor job of handling things, and in fact had a large hand in bringing about the recent financial disaster. It was the deregulation starting with Ronald Reagan and then specific pieces of legislation passed by Bill Clinton and deregulation efforts and soft enforcement passed by George W. Bush. The majority of the country is worse off today than eleven years ago. ( http://money.cnn.com/2011/09/21/news/economy/middle_class_income/index.htm) They were also responsible for our credit rating being downgraded for the first time since it started being rated.
As times have become more and more complicated, the Democrats and Republicans have proven unable to change and keep up with the times effectively. New blood has been stifled and they have opted for doing things pretty much one way, like how chopsticks are laid out in a Japanese table setting. No room for anything else. No room for compromise.
They have taken over the sponsorship of the presidential debates and make it next to impossible for other parties to have a say. The media just act like this is all the way it's supposed to be and questions not a thing. Imagine if the men that rebelled against the Brits and authored our constitution felt that way? Where would we be today?
In America when it comes to our politics, it should represent the people and serve them well and when it fails to do so we have the option to elect whomever we want to fill the spots of the failed old guard, including new parties. The two parties will work hard to stop us (everyday Americans), and the power behind them that like things the way they are. It's a system they know, have already paid for and have contributed enough money to to have thoroughly corrupted. But over the next few decades we can just make it happen by not allowing movements to be astroturfed and then turned into punch lines on the way out the door, like the Tea Party. Or infiltrated and obliterated using law enforcement and the judicial system as with Occupy Wall Street. ( http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2011/nov/25/shocking-truth-about-crackdown-occupy)
Let's get back non-party sponsored national debates like we had before Democrats and Republicans took over to ensure their place in American politics. The political game now belongs to less than 1% of us. Is that really fair? Surely we can do better.
To read about my inspiration for this article go to www.lawsuitagainstuconn.com.