The Bolivarian Circle Alberto Lovera Invites the community of the City of New York to an evening of healing

The Congregational Church of North New York

United Church of Christ

411 East 143rd Street

Bronx, New York 10454

Invites you to a prayer vigil on

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

From 4pm to 7pm

Prayers for

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela

President Chavez recently underwent cancer surgery in Cuba and is also recovering from a respiratory infection.

Reverendo Anthony McFarlane

Reverendo Juan Carlos Ruiz

Reverendo Danilo LaChapel

We will have with us The Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations, Julio Escalona.

There will be a performance from the Bolivarian Brigade Hip Hop

Prayers also for -

Oscar Lopez Rivera

Puerto Rican nationalist who advocated for Puerto Rico’s independence from the United States. In 1981, he was accused by the U.S. government of sedition and conspiracy and sentenced to 70 years in prison. We are calling on President Obama to release him.

Come out and join us as we pray for God’s grace and mercy on their lives.

We are Chávez. Viviremos y Venceremos