From Washington, D.C.

In a January 22nd, 2013 sent email,
global advocate Elijah Gatewood
called on FTI Consulting to urge
Hostess executives to oppose any
bids from Wal-Mart in obtaining
any of Hostess assets. Gatewood
makes known of Wal-Mart treat-
ment of it's employees, including a
recent notice about the retailer's
planned Ward Five store in
Washington, D.C. This tops off a
third email where FTI officials were
brought up to date about
requesting Hostess reject Wal-Mart
bids. Though nothing comes closer
highlighting facts behind Wal-Mart's
venture partner from the U.S.
nation's capital proposed Ward five
store---Andrew Schaeffer---a known
slum lord. FTI Consulting is a global
company managing sale of Hostess
products. In his online message to
that firm, Gatewood uncovers
development partners chance to
improve business image from
destroying two historic buildings
that had potential of aiding the city.
One person in particular was Denzlo
Jackson, who aided Schaeffer
volunteering ( trash removal ) and
security, forwarded a June 22nd,
2012 letter to save those structures
in 1824 block of Bladensburg Road
N.E., D.C. Jackson also lived in the
vacant office formerly known as
"A & R Auto Parts", addressing to
make public why people struggling
do not live in homeless shelters.
"Slavery is illegal in the United
States". But Schaeffer ignored that
worthy advice and both buildings
were ripped down first days before
2012 Christmas holiday season.
"This is no way for Hostess Brands
to go out", Gatewood writes
concerning Wal-Mart's bid for
Hostess assets. "People are more
than just employees and customers",
near end of his statement. "We
have a soul".