After reluctantly returning to California, (due to the impossibility of staying long term at D.C.'s Peace House because of internal confusion and infighting), much of the new writing has been published. This is some consolation for having to return to Cali homeless, and explain to west coasters why there was insufficient solidarity to remain long term on the east coast. Kinda stupid in D.C., really, but nobody could make it work. I decided not to remain on the sidewalk in the rain in winter to continue supporting the Veterans for Peace, and the ongoing anti-nuclear vigil in front of the White House, and even the Chesapeake Earth First! campaign. So, the Berkeley, CA Food and Housing Project has given me a bed at the men's shelter until February 5th. I am packed and have enough money to support myself. Meanwhile, in addition to exchanging emails with NYC and D.C. participants, I am performing jnana-bhakti yoga chanting Om Namah Shivaya continuously. Please appreciate the fact that I have given up on the left wing to get it together, and accept the fact that I need a higher approach to get stabilized housingwise, in order to be actively back on the NYC-DC power strip again. I thank all of my Occupy anarchist radical environmental associations for your friendship. Contact me anytime at