From Arlington, Virginia.

Writing this from the state that winces when
one treads on it's entitlement to own guns,
Time magazine put out a January 28th, 2013
front cover feature, "The Gunfighters". Photo
shows current New York City mayor Michael
Bloomberg, Vice-president Joseph Biden and
former U.S. Congresswoman Gabriela Giffords.
Caption says, ' Can a billionaire, a Vice
President and a shooting survivor stop the
violence ' ? Out of all three of the comments
on this subject, none is more interesting than
Vice-president Biden's who says, . . ."But I
also have never seen the nation's conscience
so shaken". Oh, really, Mr. Biden? Well just
a few years ago the United States was just
applauding the killing of Osama Bin Laden,
whom most in America blame for ordering
September 11th, 2001 terror attacks in the
U.S. And that praise has not died down,
when the film "Zero Dark Thirty"---based on
accounts behind that Pakistan raid and murder
of Osama, was released in theaters January
11th, 2013 throughout the United States
Since Bin Laden's demise, there have countless
mass killing of Americans---by Americans.
One in particular is the Colorado theater
murders. And the violence---which you best
believe is work of "divine intervention"---
continues in America. There were total of
twenty-six people, along with children, killed
at a elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut
December 14th, 2012. Same thing happened
in Egypt centuries ago when it refused to
release the Israelities from bondage. Killing
maybe killing. But payback always rears it's
head. Evidently, there are those in the U.S.
who are just too blind to see that karma is
coming back to the states. Common sense
tells you----one cannot do what one wants
and get away with it.