Republicans and Democrats have been going back and forth, forth and back with this power sharing dance for quite some time now. We saw it when former President Bill Clinton was in office and Republicans took Congress, and then lost that power going from being able to force Clinton's hand to then losing power and then being forced to cut deals and make compromise here and there.
We saw the same thing happen with former President George W. Bush and the Republican Party successfully doing very well for a time during his tenure. Then, once again, Democrats came into power, sweeping Congress in 2006. In 2008 Democrats did well again and took a super majority. All the reports across the country reported “the GOP was doomed.” They would never be the same, that was the media's consensus.
Then what happened? Right when it all looks as if the seas were calm politically, and the Democrats would have a lock for a long time, the waters get all heated up and stirred up once again, with a new twist. A small new conservative movement growing up at the grass roots level gets co-opted, taken over and becomes raw material to melt down and extract all the elements necessary to manufacture a false grass roots movement from.
They picked up on the slogans, they picked up on the look and they even tried to mimic the attitude. It became a bloated, sick, perverted bastard of the original movement that was originally a libertarian movement primarily. In fact, the original Tea Party was an outgrowth of Ron Paul's movement and his followers. It had to do with small government, economics, foreign policy and social policy. It had nothing to do with racist posters, funding from the Koch brothers (who themselves make millions a year from government contracts) and/ or people at rallies decrying out of control entitlement spending and abuse whilst living off of social security checks and sitting in hoverounds paid for by Medicare.
But, regardless, it was taken over and used to ensure the GOP looked refreshed. Yes, that very same party people hated and didn't want to vote for just two years prior? (That's right it had only been two years since the last campaign season.) Now they were the media darlings. CNN could not get enough of them and pretty much only talked about them. MSNBC talked them up while taking jabs simultaneously. For them it was always Tea Party crazies “that are addressing the real concerns average Americans are having right now.”
FOX was acting like it was Woodstock for conservatives. They actually took out a full page add in the New York Times lambasting CNN and MSNBC for not paying enough attention to and giving enough airtime to the Tea Party movement. CNN and MSNBC stayed mum and allowed themselves to be called un-American by a cable news channel owned by an Australian.
Democrats were nowhere to be found. All the major voices of the party just folded their hands in their laps and turned the volume all the way down, thus emphasizing the bellowing of their pals across the aisle. The president and most Democrats stayed quiet and calm throughout the whole thing, even though Republicans were hurling racial epithets, political epithets, you name it.
And just like that. With a whole lot of whipped up drama, the stranglehold the two parties share remained intact and suddenly, in the span of less than two years, a party that was in jeopardy of losing their relevance according to all news sources, was the most relevant party in America.
Of course the real drama lay in the fact that if Americans want a true change they weren't getting it. “Oh Americans are fed up? Give them the other guys and tell the ones in power to shut up. We'll make such a loud noise and such a foul stench they'll forget the real issue – that they really have no true alternative.” Since before the light bulb was patented, since before telephones, since before celluloid film, since before the internal combustion engine when people were riding around on horses we've had the same two parties.
And recently many people have been questioning this. They have been saying we need additional choices, as here we are in 2013 with so many different automobiles to choose from, styles of clothing, kinds of technology, options on the internet, options for food, and so much more, and all we have is two parties? Really? The most powerful nation in the world that's always railing against communist nations, and the best we can do politically is just one party more than communist countries are allowed for over a hundred years running?
This past election, just another two years since the lobbyist fueled Tea Party carnival it was time for the national elections. And in less than two years with the supposedly greatest threat to Democracy, according to the Tea Party, still in power (that being President Barack Obama), where was the Tea Party? Absolutely nowhere. They had even removed all the “Tea Party” pundits from cable news. And Republicans? Quiet as a mouse. Guess who's turn it was this year? Yup. As predicted by by many people including myself a year in advance, it was Democrats this season.
Now everybody's talking about the GOP being in jeopardy of becoming irrelevant again. And who do we see just recently posing with the most nationally recognizable, and perhaps only well liked Republican at this point? Why none other than Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. Mark's standing there with this big “hey, he's not irrelevant, see I'm with him” smile on his face. Oh, and who is smiling just as broadly in the picture also? Why it's the most well known Democrat mayor from the same state as the Republican. See? Even Democrats like this guy.
Oh, Republicans racist? What about all the bone through the nose signs regarding Obama? Oh that was so 2010. In fact, who's the well known popular Republican with? Why an African American. No, no racism there. See? Relevant and non-racist all at the same time. Oh, and what else got thrown in to boot? Why, OHPRAH!!! Yay!! (Cue the angels singing harmoniously from heaven.)
This isn't about conspiracy theories, shadowy groups that control America, illuminati or whatever nonsense. It's business. Two groups have total control and total power and they do not want to give it up. And if we let them they will. After all, what groups are responsible for breaking up monopolies in this country? Why they are. It benefits the wealthy corporate donors that keep their pockets padded and get them great jobs upon retirement as they know the players and know the paths to walk to get what they need, and both sides are in their pockets, make no mistake.
This even goes to news sources. They know all the players, and it's easy. Get one person from one side and another from another to talk and debate. Simple. And if news sources try anything funny, their access to the top level politicians from any one party can be cut. So in a way, they don't have a choice.
Sometimes it's reactionary, in terms of a response to the public's anger and emotions, while other times we see a mere marketing campaign and branding, and it's not just for the parties, but all things tied to the system, in terms of money and power.
Me and you? We lose. It's not about us and making sure the way of life for everyday Americans is protected. If it was, then since 2000 our standards of living would not have been steadily falling while curiously enough, those of the less than one percent of us, the very wealthy, have been exploding upwards. They have been protecting their interests like a business and we need to start protecting ours. The only way this all will change is when there are more parties to choose from to give us more of a voice and to keep any one party from crossing their arms shaking their heads and pouting “no, no!” like a pack of spoiled brats. It's up to us and over the next few decades we can do it. :)
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