Is big the brother that's watching us?

Is big the brother that's watching us?

What's with some IMC?

Friends of independent media,

Trying to spread a positive image of Brazil and to inform other people about some remarkable initiatives of President Dilma Rousseff, I have published worldwide in 8 languages ​​so far, as you can see on

I came across, at these three "tours around the world," (Brazil: Structural changes on the way. Brazil: The perfect freedom of expression and the newly started Brazil: the Semi-Arid will be a thing of the past?) with a troubling scenario: there are few new IMC and various traditional ones are not working.

In Canada, along the "age" Bush, 8 or 9 (all), crashed; In Italy, along the "reign" Berlusconi, stopped 8 of 9 that existed. The only 2, of Russia, stopped recently. In Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico, stopped the few or the only one there was. Several stopped in the USA. In previous presidency, stopped almost all French centers that are returning to work in smaller number for now and in a very tough regime of moderation, which makes it very difficult for foreigners. The Japan stopped when the tsunami and has not returned yet. Many stopped in Asia, Africa and Oceania and Australia the situation is likened to that of France.

True bastions of freedom are Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, UK, Ireland and the United States, with inevitable emphasis to New York, Washington, LA, Boston, and many others and to the Irish and British flawless performance , which supports a variety of wonderful sites.

The situation of shrinkage is not good for freedom, brotherhood among peoples, peace, solidarity or for democracy.

So I come to ask you all: What is happening? Lack of money? Political pressure? Lack of people? What?

I feel that we need to organize a rescue action to the IMCS that are stopped and that we can only do it in a great chain of mutual help, solidarity and exchange of ideas.

Anyone who wants to participate and help, post me a message at "comments" of with your email for return or e-mail me at


Thank you,

Emilio José Lemos de Lima.