The workers of ASOTRECOL (the Association of Injured and Ex-Workers of GM-Colombia) were fired from the General Motors plant in Colombia after suffering injuries and illnesses on the job, leaving them without workers’ compensation, medical coverage, or job prospects to support their families. ASOTRECOL President Jorge Parra has been on hunger strike since November 20, 2012, in Detroit to protest GM’s refusal to negotiate with the workers. For over 2 months he has consumed nothing but clear liquids. Workers demand immediate negotiations with GM, job-rehiring and medical compensation.

WHAT: Solidarity Protest for GM Hunger Strikers. GM Negotiate Now!

WHEN: Saturday, February 2nd at 3pm

WHERE: Potamkin Cadillac Dealership, 706 11th Ave, (Corner of 50th st; Manhattan)

For more info call Luke Nephew at (347) 445-5092. Visit: