From Washington, D.C.

This past Saturday, February 2nd, 2013,
I posted report on Facebook wall of
a prestigious Washington church here
in your U.S. nation's capital:

"Washington National Cathedral Wrong
To Perform Gay Marriage Ceremonies".

It was taken down either on date
published or today. At any rate, there
is no proof of my having posted
that account other than this follow up
news brief. Though take word for it,
I posted that editorial responding
weeks after Reverend Gary Hall said
that Washington National Cathedral
would be performing weddings for
same-sex couples. ( "Gays to Wed at
Washington National Cathedral ",
January 10th, 2013---Associated Press. )
The reverend stated he was doing so
based on his "reading of the Bible
leads me to want to do this because
I think it's being faithful to the kind
of community that Jesus would have
us be". But I countered on the
February 2nd, 2013 Facebook wall
of Washington National Cathedral that
clergy are not only "violating laws of
the sacred scriptures, but friendship to
world neighbors". I pointed out that
scriptures "forbid homosexual relations
in book of Leviticus, chapter 18, verse
22, including wars currently going on
throughout the world by virtue of
Leviticus, chapter 26, verses 14-16".
And when that is the sacred law
against gay conduct, then clergy are
stealing from the congregation, which
is prohibited in Exodus, chapter 20,
verse 15; Leviticus, chapter 19, verse
11. And Deuteronomy, chapter 5,
verse 19".

Obviously the Washington National
Cathedral cannot deal with truth nor
morals. Otherwise it would not have
taken down the report I wrote on it's
Facebook wall. Here's the point: There
is more to a house of God than reading
from the scriptures and engaging in
songs. There are sacred laws of the
scriptures that must be obeyed.
Throughout America there is growing
support for gay marriage---which must
be IMMEDIATELY rejected due greatly
in part homosexuality "disrespects"
straight people. It chips away at
"basic rules" that keeps our relations
together. This is why the creator
outlawed intimate relations between
people of the same sex. I then
concluded, "it really does not matter
what Jesus would have", sacred laws
of the Old Testament over-rule the New".

Because of the evil rising in this world,
I have offered my military advice and
assistance to the government of Syria
as contribution to defeat Syrian rebels.
The United States supports those
fighting President Assad----not to
mention dividing people !