Whereas I had to return to California because I could not get indoor accommodations in Washington D.C., I spent the winter at the Berkeley men's shelter. My exit date is February 19th. Although I am very welcome to show up in D.C. to participate, there is no indoor place for me to take rest/shower, etc. Also, the D.C. IMC does not approve of my posting networking messages, because they say that I am "advertising". I have responded that this is ridiculous, since I am not being paid for participating with Occupy or Chesapeake Earth First!, and am not advertising anything at all. I am willing to return to the east coast for more dissent, and am available after February 19th. Please contact me and offer me indoor accommodations for taking rest/shower, etc. As always, I am in solidarity with you, against the greed, hatred, and delusion. Love to all, Craig Louis Stehr