To individuals accustomed to "know" the facts by the pages of newspapers and editorials by leaving make believe "desprentensiosos" is to believe that the reason for such waiver, is in fact the advanced age of 85 years and a lack of strength, as OFFICIALLY said.

Good to observers and most attentive, soon reminded of the image of Blessed John Paul II, who in fact affected by human limitations and degenerative diseases in high degree, cradled up in the providence of God until his last breath in the public square of S. Peter dianted and thousands of faithful.

Declare, months before his resignation that had forced its hand regarding the MESSAGE OF FATIMA, and that this will be a serious problem of conscience, becomes for us a situation Marian Catholic to "crawl" the hair to be well plain and simple. Yeah, it is clear that - contrary to earlier said - the prophecy of Our Lady of Fatima not held in its entirety.

It is implied that the wounds it, the persecutions, the onslaught of nefarious evil against the Church and against the Holy Father not occurred yet and, as Sister Lucy had said previously mentioned, the attack on Pope John Paul II, he served for beatifies him reinvigorate his Faith and Belief and makes it into a true Apostle of Fatima. It was an attack as catechetical, as visãodo hell shown to the shepherds, so that they take such fear of sin, to assure them the fullness of divine grace.

Convinced that the heart of this waiver, there is something more spiritual than physical exhaustion of Pope Benedict XVI and aware that the prophecy of Fatima this more relevant than ever been these last 96 years of Apparitions, I have to throw myself in another prophecy, accepted by the Church's Tradition and until today it was not liable to any historical error.