Weekly News Update on the Americas
Issue #1164, February 17, 2013

1. Chile: 20 Arrested at Mapuche Prisoner’s Hearing
2. Honduras: Murdered Lawyer's Brother Killed in Aguán
3. Mexico: Finnish Maquila Signs With Company Union
4. Haiti: Unionist Is Beaten Up at Gildan Supplier
5. Links to alternative sources on: Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Andes region, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Haiti, US/policy, US/immigration

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*1. Chile: 20 Arrested at Mapuche Prisoner’s Hearing
Chilean authorities suspended a hearing for indigenous Mapuche prisoner Fernando Millacheo Marín on Feb. 12 after some 20 of Millacheo’s supporters, including women and children, were detained outside the courthouse in Collipulli in the southern Araucanía region’s Malleco province. Police agents attacked the crowd of about 50 protesters with a water cannon, according to Mapuche sources, and beat several women and handcuffed an 11-year-old. The detainees were charged with public disorder, and Millacheo’s hearing was postponed to Feb. 15. The authorities said the protesters caused the clash by hurling rocks at police agents, but Mapuche activists countered that the detentions were part of a wave of repression that included the arrest of Jaime Huenchullan, werken (spokesperson) for the Temucuicui autonomous community, along with an unnamed French national, while they were on their way to the hearing.[...]

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