It happens in many ways, across many different forms of commerce, politics and even religions that people find themselves in a position of power and begin to use that power to concentrate on collecting things they want in their lives. There isn't necessarily anything wrong with that when it comes to commerce, although in the other two fields it typically marks the beginning of corruption. In commerce the goal is to sell things people want in order to turn a profit. The more a person sells, the more they make for themselves, any others concerned and so on.
There are, however, times when companies and whole industries, can go too far to sell us products and those products can become hazardous and a negative in terms of an influence on the public. Take tobacco, as an example. At one time it was considered good for you. Tobacco companies used to actually market supposed “health benefits” of smoking cigarettes, and (as we would find out years later) would lie to us about the actual deleterious effects buying into the idea that lie actually did to us.
They had a lot of influence over us. For years they were a big part of what we thought of as the right image of good looking people. They actually marketed to us not only their product, but the idea that without their product one might not be as alluring, attractive, sexy and appealing both to the opposite sex and to others in general. They marketed a certain psychology and even fed into and exacerbated a certain innate insecurity many of us feel about how we look, our ability to attract others and how we are perceived socially in general.
They lied to us and deceived us about their product. That deception convinced adults to pick up a habit that was bad for them, and kids to think that they needed to smoke to be more attractive, to be more mature, to be more sophisticated, to be more likeable and so on. In doing so, not only did they put the children at risk that they convinced to smoke their “coffin nails,” they perpetrated a fraud on an unsuspecting public.
We believed their experts that told us what the tobacco industry said was true. We believed them that we truly were more attractive when we hurt ourselves, and when people finally saw the truth and tried to exposed it, they fought back tooth and nail to silence them, discredit them and make their product seem as sexy, positive and innocuous as they ever had. We figured out their game and their mind games wore off eventually, the veil had been lifted. Poor health just wasn't sexy anymore. There were other ways.
There are other industries that we have begun to take on also that have had negative impacts on public health also by selling them on things that were not all that they were cracked up to be. Fast food was one, for example along with other food products that sold us on high sugar, high fat content products that tasted great, but were bad for our health.
Recently the fashion and diet industries have come under scrutiny for peddling the idea that being unhealthy is sexy. We tend to think that's the way it's always been. We have been seeing the current view on beauty for so many decades now that we feel the way it is, is how it should be. But what we see actually had its beginnings somewhere and it came after the 1960's.
Before then the industries marketed a lifestyle. It was about clothes that fit the image of the “ideal housewife.” The twin industries sold products that told women that the subjugation they lived under was somehow right, and that they had the products to make them feel more wanted, less bored and more interesting to their husbands. They taught them about looking pretty while taking care of the house. It served to benefit monetarily by reinforcing the oppression women at the time lived under with little to no options otherwise here in the West.
After the social revolutions of the 1960's and 1970's a woman's place in society was no longer relegated to a single role. It was no longer defined one way. She had options and no longer bought into the idea of her “role.” Times had changed and the fashion and diet industries were no longer able to keep up. Looking like a movie star was not something women necessarily desired any longer. Movie stars didn't follow a single model anymore either. Fashion no longer meant following all the time and many women were busy thinking about what they wanted to be and what their role was to be in society. Fashion came second. They were set to become leaders, and cast away the role of sheep.
The mental bonds that held women in “their place” had been broken. The jig was up. For the fashion and diet industries that meant profits dropped dramatically, and something needed to be done, but women no longer bought the image, and they did not know which images to market where. They had been officially kicked out of the minds of too many women to make the same kinds of profits they had been, and they weren't sure whether or not that would change in a way that would benefit them or not.
So they moved to the only option left, if they wanted to regain the level of profits they once had. They attempted to go after the body. Biologically a woman's body has curves when compared with that of a man, and more of them. There is no way around it, it's a scientific fact that only something as hokey as creationism, or as insidious as tobacco industry marketing, could try and make seem otherwise. There are many reasons including prehistoric human's need to both store fat for the production of milk, and for extra calories to burn in times when food was scarce.
The industries worked to make women reliant upon them to feel good about themselves again, but women were already starting to feel good about themselves just as they were, and men were starting to accept it. Women were looking to becoming doctors, lawyers, journalists, architects and more. The pages of fashion magazines no longer told them what to be and how to be it.
So they began marketing the idea that women needed to be a certain size, and like times when women were told that they needed to bind their feet to make them painfully smaller, lengthen their necks to make them painfully and dangerously longer and mutilate themselves because only a certain group (men) should be allowed to enjoy intercourse, that size was one that was so thin and tiny, it was biologically impossible for the majority of women to achieve. Sure, there were and are women that naturally are that thin (thinner than men, like children that is), but it is an exception to the rule, not an example.
The idea took a very short amount of time and fairly shortly the idea all women needed to lose weight was a billion dollar industry, that in conjunction with the fact they needed to know that there were only certain clothes manufactured to fit that ideal. If they wanted to fit the clothes, they needed to lose weight, if they wanted to look pretty they needed to lose weight, if they wanted to be successful, they needed to lose weight, there were even clothes made to make them appear slimmer in the interim. It would be like saying all black people were too dark or gay people were too attracted to the same sex.
It was a ridiculous assertion, as it actually went against science. But the money was rolling in. It seemed as though the people purveying the myth had some deep down rotten contempt for women. They told men they were less than real men if they were with women that looked like the majority of women (scientifically and medically a normal average healthy American woman). Men needed to be with women that were at a size that was biologically impossible for the vast majority of women to attain.
Food became an enemy and women began vomiting, using laxatives, starving themselves, replacing meals with cigarettes, and more, not that they still don't. The diet industry took off and products that claimed to cause women to lose weight flew off the shelves. Appetite suppressants became the drug of choice for many and addiction to diet drugs became a problem for many seeking a way out.
As with tobacco, the more information that came out about how unhealthy it was, the more the diet and fashion industries sold the public on the idea that women needed to look like something other than women to be attractive. The truth is only children that have not developed yet can attain the body type that is seen as the ideal image for women. Many fashion models began modeling at age fifteen and thirteen was not unheard of.
I mean seriously, if adult women should naturally be built that, why would they have to use kids to hold up to adult women of what they should look like? And what people think kids are more attractive than women anyway? What grown adults are looking at underdeveloped children and saying, “man that's hot?” It was as though there were a certain segment of the people making decisions in the diet and fashion industry that had a deep seated resentment of adult women. As if they may like to remove all the things about them that are physically female, that men can never have without surgery or other false means. These were things of course women have always had that men have always been attracted to.
The odd thing is, that when asked, in study after study, men say they prefer normal sized average healthy looking women over women that have been roped into an industry's almost resentment laden attack on their physique that has contributed nothing positive to society and has only spread falsehoods and the idea that children are sexually attractive. The industries had come under so much fire for peddling children as sexual objects, many modeling agencies will no longer hire models under a certain age.
They want to tell us all there is but one way a woman should look. There is but one size a woman should have. They want to box women as women have been boxed for centuries, and tell them they must be this or they must be that, in rigid terms, to qualify as being worthy. Sure, they will tell you they don't when confronted, like Israeli and Palestinian politicians when asked if they are racially prejudiced against one another, but what do their actions tell you about that?
Men have allowed it for too long and stayed silent. Most men don't really feel that way, as most men's girlfriends, fiancées, wives, etc are average sized, and they would have to be, as that's the average size. Unless all the average women are being kept in some holding pen designed by the fashion and diet industries, lol. Study after study confirms, men do not feel that way. Men know it’s a trick to get women insecure to consume, and men to feel insecure with regards to one upmanship and male competitiveness.
Guys remember, that's your girlfriend they are dissing. That's your fiancée they are dissing. That's your wife they are dissing, and who are they to talk like that about her? How do they feel if people try to tell them how they should love, who they should love and what the people they love should look like. How do they feel when people try and psychologically convince them to think otherwise about the people they feel naturally attracted to? How is it right that they do that to us? If some starlet wants to be weak enough to buy into the idea women should be told that looking womanly is wrong, let that be her issue.
The people making the clothes obviously have no clue what men like in terms of body type, and there is no reason they could not sew a pretty dress for a woman built like a woman. In the mean time 12 year old girls are already starving themselves to look thinner. Like the tobacco industry, they are lying and selling the idea women need to be thinner than is biologically possible, and it is just another way to try and confine women, tell them what they should or should not be and to make them feel worthless and always less than. Being too heavy to the point it negatively impacts your health is a bad thing. The same thing goes for being more thin than is healthy. Who wants a girlfriend that smells like vomit or the side effects of laxatives anyway?
Women, don't let them tell you what men like, and guys, don't let them talk about the women you love that way. It really ain't that serious. Guys, admit you like her the way she is, if you didn't you wouldn't be with her. There is no one way women should look, anymore than anyone else. We flushed eugenics and social engineering away when we defeated the Nazis. Let's keep it that way. This is the West after all. Time to stop telling people what their role in life is or should be.
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