U.S. Senate Leaders Should Be Arrested and Charged With Treason

By David Darrow

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One cannot help but think—despite one being far more liberal and independent than anything close to the rightwing—of a seemingly arrogant smugness to John Kerry, now that he has become Secretary of State, and continues to full-throttle forward “Israel’s” agenda for war with Iran. This was once a man who defied the White House, State Department and Pentagon agenda of an unnecessary and inhumane Vietnam War he viscerally understood. This was also a man who has come to understand that actually fighting in war, with some heroic stature, can mean nothing if the dirty enterprise of American politics can portray such patriotism as liability. But where is John Kerry now, the bigwig diplomat, to advocate for his previous Senate colleague Chuck Hagel to head the Department of Defense, that is now that Kerry has been uplifted to the mighty mountain of diploma sainthood and angel lore, (Neo-Con-Artist approved) as the next State Department sock-puppet to continue to carry out for Israel’s right-wing ambitions (and depravations)?

Since the Vietnam War, seemingly some time ago, Kerry has morphed into just another AIPAC kiss ass (unlike lone ranger Hagel). Therefore Kerry was easily approved to be Secretary of State so as to carry off more ignominious lies about WMD, this time supposedly hidden in Iran, as well as for the Military Industrial Complex and its banking cartels’ need to maintain profit margins, and affiliated Zionists who believe they have some right to dominate American foreign policy and American taxpayer resources. Kerry seems all but silent on this matter—that he might work with someone who actually thinks for self and even determines his own decisions (the very definition of “not” selling out one’s soul: so lacking in the U.S. Congress and throughout the D.C. Beltway)?

Despite a truth many Senators were willing to vote for Charles Hagel, as more than worthy choice for Secretary of Defense, our on-the-ground facts show us that we Americans are stuck with defense contractor and Israel-firster suck-ups like Lindsey Graham—and his whiny, albeit slick, style of political correctness—such as his recent show-trial that attempted to stigmatize anything that suggested criticism of Israel’s right-wing agenda. Graham’s strategy-driven klieg-light approach (clever as if concocted by a backroom weasel committee) had the chutzpah to ask Hagel during a recent Senate confirmation hearing, about some previous statements, with all the solemnity of some cranky Catholic cardinal pontificating what are assumed “mortal social sins”, such assertions as : 1) “…the Jewish Lobby has a tendency to intimidate people up here…” 2) “…I’m not a Israeli Senator I’m a U.S. Senator…” and 3) “…this pressure makes us do dumb things at times…”.

Yet if Mr. Hagel said these things, and evidently he did, then he should be applauded and appreciated for working for the American people—and not special interests that do not give a damn about the American people (especially Israel’s current climate). Rather we have had a media-driven circus climate frenzied up by the likes of traitor William Kristol and his Neo-Con-Cabal (who ought be hanging from the same rope that hung Saddam Hussein), who claimed Hagel’s patriotic assertions were not only controversial but insulting (and besides how could good Americans possibly stand for such dissident waves of non-conformity?).

But more importantly Hagel’s assertions reflect a great deal of actual truth—that “many” Americans readily understand even if plenty others do not—yet those who do are not always comfortable talking about these realities (especially given a propagated climate of created psychology of a type of blackmail that uses the ‘anti-Semite’ label to anything some Jewish people might resent, and with a ready reference strategy to point to Holocaust horrors, and also simultaneous capacity to manipulate Christian guilt and belief system. Most Americans feel cornered into a box of stultified stifling of real opinion (just as what was attempted at Chuck Hagel’s confirmation hearing).

And yet the corruption levels of Israel’s involvement within the corruption levels of U.S. foreign policy is so much a can of worms few dare venture too far discussing much of it (least of all the Lame Stream Media or even many who claim to represent the Liberal and Alternative media).

Lindsey Graham, knowing full-well to the truth of Hagel’s assertions of Zionist and AIPAC intimidation in our capital on the Hill (and a constant satiating of lobby politics and programs to reinforce their control), was betting Mr. Hagel would not have the nerve to directly name specific senators’ names, who may have conceded in private they felt pressured and intimidated by the so-called “Jewish lobby” (a phrase he is suppose to regret as prejudice even though it clearly is a Jewish lobby). After all if they actually felt uncomfortable discussing the matter privately why would they want their names publicly named? Graham then insinuated Hagel’s thoughts were not true since Hagel himself did not play to Graham’s gambit and name names. He chastise Mr. Hagel for how provocative were his claims (as if they comprised nothing more than some imagined conspiracy theory). Slick indeed.

The only problem is that everything Mr. Hagel said was true. And that is not even the beginning of how lopsided this whole charade is of American and Israeli relationship. What do social scientists call it when one person in a relationship pretty much calls the shots and determines outcomes on critical matters meanwhile contributing little to the relationship with other? Most would call it exploitative (if not parasitic). And yet this is too much the game that continues to be played out in Washington D.C. in favor with Israel (with the cooperation of much of the media) year after year.

Some argue this relationship is worst than that—that it is more equivalent to something criminal in which one party is being held hostage with some elaborate con games. But for sure, for example, some Israeli provocations to U.S interests did real damage to our country, transgressing beyond mere words that might have offended sensitive people. Not least was their bombing our naval vessel the USS Liberty (which they knew in advance despite their apology of ignorance). But see documentaries like Loose Change and War By Deception to get an inkling of how deep this corruption might in fact go.

This is why there is so much denial about our foreign policy in relation to Israel and the Zionist Lobby—because much of our Government has been high-jacked (as few people dare talk about it). Instead every year the people of the United States live in denial and therefore more and more illegal wars transpire (and all related atrocities such as torture can continue—that is while sweet speeches can emanate from the White House, State Department and Congress). Its all good.

In fact some presumptions are so deeply assumed it is precisely within American Jewish ranks you find those who are engaged in delay tactics to continuously attempt to classify Hagel as somehow un-American (read Un-Israeli). The Weekly Standard announces “AJC Keep Examining Hagel”, “Israel risks becoming ‘apartheid state’, “Hagel called Netanyahu ‘radical’”, etc. Probably if they could go all the way back to examining Hagel’s baby diapers they would probably do it. It really says a lot about this country and who thinks they have the ethnocentric right to control our Government. Maybe Israel should foot the bill of the American government?

One can think of a lot worse appropriate appellations one could label the likes of Netanyahu than radical—as if radical is understood by all to mean something negative in all cases. Yet the real question is why do Jewish groups of any stripe presume some ultimate right to decide who can and cannot be America’s leaders?

John McCain is another dignitary (that is what they call people with dignity) who too often acts as if he is a mere pimple on some non-entity’s ass, and who ultimately does not matter in a larger scheme of significant things. Nevertheless here we have another mere mortal who has never known what it is like to be normal (instead always trying to live up to an Admiral son’s status). Apparently he can’t even write his own books nor live up to values of his books such as living with courage. He seems a coward? Minimally courageous people have capacity to learn from their mistakes and admit them (but apparently not John McCain). Instead he is too much into protecting Senate turf and various egos least of all his own (something even homeless people also contend but don’t get the news coverage). Does he really think the war in Iraq was all that critical? Is there any delusion going on (in a city that fuels on delusion)?

Yet if all this wasn’t bad enough, the likely reality will remain that the United States cannot survive financially or politically, especially in the long term, by continuing to support Israel’s Zionist State of a religious Theocratic Jewish Israel, despite all the truths of historical discrimination, pogroms, hate campaigns, persecutions, etc., that Jewish believers have experienced around the world though several centuries (and especially by Christian majorities).

It is truth that Jewish populations have been despised and made to suffer in many countries and by Christians (and even Muslims and yet not Muslims as much as Christians). This is historical truth.

Yet we go against “our” American value system of freedom of equality regardless of ethnicity and religion when we support “any” Theocratic state (despite rhetoric of democracy) that discriminates and persecutes people based on religion or ethnicity (which Zionist Israel, like some Muslim states equally, do). By not honoring our own values we continue to destroy our own form of government, which is one major reason will are continuing with more and more attempts to limit our freedoms (while covering up the deceits and crimes—which is why members of Congress can be blackmailed with various con games of remaining silent and going along with what is not right or just).

So we need to be courageous in these epic times and ask questions like: “Why Christian populations have been prejudice against Jewish people all the way from America to Russia” (not assuming it to be strictly a religious issue), and be willing to consider some new and rather radical answers, such as one likely answer is because of the “human” faults of religion itself; because any real political analysis of Judeo-Christianity will show it has its own terrorist themes—such as a God that claims that he can condemn human souls to a hell of eternal torture—and not too different from its temporal political parallel, from at least the Bush era White House, that claimed his Executive Powers include the right of putting loosely labeled terrorists into prison systems forever with no possible claim to any kind of redemption all the while some are being tortured).

Judeo-Christianity is morally flawed in several ways. For example no “just” God would create a hell of eternal torture to intimidate souls. So we don’t really care that much what Senators today like Lindsey Graham and his kind think. The fact is if slavery can end here in the United States then so can slave religions (in which people once felt a need to buy indulgences from a Catholic Church so as to save selves from prophesized torture).

Professionals need to address these issues and stop hiding the idea that a religious God can declare that it is OK for certain people to kill other people just because it is in the Bible. (More has been written about this elsewhere.)

Yes our Congress had been goaded into doing dumb things, like going into illegal wars such as with Iraq (and by the backroom arm-twisting of a Zionist lobby) even if it is equally true most American Jews were “not” in favor of such a war.

The fact is Chuck Hagel did not join the bandwagon “pressure” to label Hezbollah a terrorist organization, and this is proof-positive of propaganda and pressure to label Israel’s enemies as terrorists, and then expect all Americans to equally assume that not only are Israel’s enemies American enemies (but that we are suppose to also label them terrorists as well and treat them accordingly). If that is not intimidating pressure then what is?

Lindsey Graham doesn’t work for most American peoples interests (maybe some corporate interests?).

Israel, AIPAC, guilt-trippers of every stripe, get off our backs, and as the real Navy still says: “DON’T TREAD ON ME”.