Building Bridges Radio, National Edition
By Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash


Canadian Oil Workers Tell Obama Reject Keystone XL Pipeline:
It’s Bad for the Environment & Bad for Workers
Dave Coles, Pres. Communications, Energy & Paperworkers Union
of Canada (CEP)

Canada's largest union of forestry, energy, media, and telecommunications workers
at a conference “Confronting the Climate Crisis: Can Labor Help Shape an Effective
Strategy?” gave thumbs down to the Keystone XL pipeline stating “we oppose export
pipelines that kill off our oil resources and kill jobs in the process … To deal with the
unfolding ecological policies crisis we must jettison corporation-centric economic
policies in favor of ones that address our world’s social and ecological concerns.”


Eighty-Five Years Old: Ramsey Clark A Life Celebrated
Ramsey Clark, Former U.S. Attorney General, intl. human rights activist

Mumia Abu-Jamal, journalist, activist, political prisoner in tribute to Ramsey Clark said,
“…when the bombs were being readied for Afghanistan and the White House was
swearing vengeance, who dared to stage rallies, predicting disaster? And, in response
to Abu Ghraib, Palestine, drone strikes and wild Islamophobia, fueled by fear and
ignorance who opposed these developments at every step?

And as capitalism sent jobs abroad, hollowing out the middle class, causing dystopian
heels in inner cities, who spoke out against the rapacious greed of Wall Street and the
resultant prison industrial complex and the death industry of Death Row? It was Ramsey
Clark and the organization he helped found in two small rooms of his law office, the
International Action Center (IAC) 20 years ago.

That he took some of the toughest cases in the nation and with the IAC, fought some
of the toughest battles against the might of the Empire is telling and high tribute.


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