April 2013 Delegation to Venezuela: Human Rights, and Community Power

April 10 to 18 2013

The Bolivarian Revolution, with its advances in social equality, human rights, and community power has become one of the greatest social experiments of this century. One of the focuses of this trip will be food sovereignty, or how both the government and the people are taking back control of the country’s agricultural and food systems. We will also explore other areas of social transformation, including education, healthcare, and direct citizen participation in the political process. There will also be trips to beaches, parks, and other sites of interest.

Cost for Activities: $1100. This will cover all lodging, all ground transportation, 2 meals per day, qualified trip leaders, and Spanish-English interpretation. Additional expenses during the trip will be low.
 Airfare not included.

Day 1: Caracas – Arrival; orientation/welcome; visits to social programs and discussions with community leaders and local authorities.
 Day 2 and 3: Visits to urban agriculture sites and other community initiatives in different communities in Caracas, including 23 de Enero, El Valle, and Petare.
Days 4 and 5: We will be participating in various activities related to 11-12 and 13 of April when a coup attempt of 2002 was a failed coup d'état on 11 April 2002 that saw President Hugo Chávez ousted from office for 47 hours, being restored by a combination of military loyalists and massive public support for his government.

( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2002_Venezuelan_coup_d'état_attempt) Days 6 and 7: Visit to the Afro-Venezuelan community of Barlovento, Day 8: Caracas: free day for sight seeing, getting souvenirs. 
Day 9: departure.

To Learn more and hold a spot for the trip, email

 cbalbertolovera@gmail.com. Please be in touch as soon as possible, as space is very limited. Please allow several days for responses.

Sponsored by the Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of NY.
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