From Washington, D.C.

On my Facebook account late last winter I took
website organizers "Respect D.C." to task over
pulling down messages by me that would stir
more opposition against Wal-Mart not just in
D.C.'s Fifth District, but throughout the city
where that retailer plans five additional stores.
Website said either do that, or "stay out".
But in pulling down my notes ammounts to
fraud if the mission of the Website is only to
pay lip service and nothing else. Mike Wilson
of Respect D.C. responded December 2nd, 2012
with voluminous reasons, one of them starting
off the top saying he "was only one of many
moderators" for the website. I responded saying
that it really doesn't matter how many
moderators are on this site, it is fraud
disrespecting the public when "Respect D.C."
has a counter-purpose for what it is originally
established for". Here's latest development on
the proposed site for Wal-Mart in D.C.'s
Ward 5 : Demolition of buildings that you see
is actually paranoia from landowner and venture
partner in the project---Andrew Schaeffer---
because he does not know how to treat only
his property, nor the community. Schaeffer was
busted in August 2012 for overgrown vegitation,
trash and graffiti on the large landscape
surrounding New York Avenue N.E., Bladensburg
Road N.E. and Montana Avenue N.E. by D.C.
Consumer And Regulatory Affairs. This area is
just north of the U.S. Arboretum. Now clincher
for tearing down buildings and showing his
negative side. Schaeffer wanted the developers
to demolish the structures, which was told to
Denzlo Jackson who was living in the now torn-
down building "A & R Auto Parts. An unknown
source says Wal-Mart is leasing entire land on
the site. One of the companies bidding for
demolition, a Black man said on a Sunday in
late August 2012. Regardless, Wal-Mart, needs
to stay out of D.C., based on fact it doesn't know
how to treat their employees. Same goes for
the U.S. nation's capital for sending a historic
building to it's doom that had great potential
aiding our world from growing troubles.
And it was all kicked to the curb before the
Christmas holiday. More buildings are set to be
demolished, with exception of the Public charter
school, Kentucky Fried Chicken and five other