From Washington, D.C.

To the good people of Syria and most
honorably President Assad. I have seen
word that the government of your
country is ready to talk with rebels who
are fighting against justice in Syria.
Make no mistake about it---the rebels
are ones who are wrong in having
disturbed peace with their selfish agenda.
Most recently, February 25th, 2013, I
visited the Embassy of the Syrian Arab
Republic in Washington, D.C., hand
delivering a follow-up letter written by
me offering my military advice and
assistance to the Syrian government,
respectfully requesting that message be
forwarded to the recruiter of the Syrian
Arab Republic Army and Navy. Previously,
wrote the embassy October last year on
this same subject. Iam a natural-born
U.S. citizen in my near-late forties who
is veteran of the D.C. Army National
Guard. But as a good soldier, I will not
engage in any online actions in support
of the Syrian Arab Republic when such
talks are planned or underway. However,
if the government of Syria gives reason
that only continued war is the answer, I
will communicate that good people of
Syria are more worthy supporting
President Assad and defeat the Opposition
Coalition. The war in Syria is a reflection
of what unfortunately goes on in the
United States----daily.

People of the Federal Communications
Commission---are YOU reading this? Last
time I checked, it was this U.S.
Government agency that unreasonably
denied my petition, case CIMS00003497058
---filed online Oct. 12th, 2012 on behalf
of the people to strip Radio One's WOL
1450 AM license where a host at that
station was forcing gay marriage on the