State Rep. Deborah Ross (D-NC) is the Democratic candidate for the Senate and a strong supporter of individual rights. Some polls show her ahead. Some polls show Burr ahead.

Burr has been a proponent of the illegal immoral bankrupting wars of Bush and Obama.

Senator Burr has been named by the Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters, EDF and NRDC one of the 5 most polluting members of the Senate.

He voted to cut Social Security,. He wants to prvatize Social Securty, He voted to cut Pell Grants for students. Those who support war often cut everything else.

Burr is chairman of the intelligence committee and has not stopped the polycidal drone attacks, CIA abuses of power.

Burr tried to obscure and deflect any investigations into CIA t orture

Burr voted against the right of students to refinance their debt.

Whether or not chicks are crushed alive, seals are clubbed or horses break their legs in horseracing,
are gouged by spurs and have saddle burrs
is of little concern to a warmonger defender of torture with a flunking animal rights record, Republican senator
Richard Burr.
Burr voted for war spending

Only 1 of 9 humane society endorsed bills did burr vote on