Black lives didn't matter for Hillary

Black lives didn't matter for Hillary

The Muslim Brotherhood, banned for terrorism in 1980s, main force behind the "

The Muslim Brotherhood, banned for terrorism in 1980s, main force behind the "

Massacre of prisoners

Massacre of prisoners

Training camp for terrorists in Apaydin

Training camp for terrorists in Apaydin

Aleppo Bazar destroyed Sep-Oct 2012

Aleppo Bazar destroyed Sep-Oct 2012

Aleppo Mosque, 1000 Years old, destroyed

Aleppo Mosque, 1000 Years old, destroyed

John McCain visits rebels May 2013

John McCain visits rebels May 2013

Robert Ford with Aleppo-jihadists May 2013, IS below

Robert Ford with Aleppo-jihadists May 2013, IS below

Convent of St. Simon, "Saint on the Pillar", now destroyed

Convent of St. Simon, "Saint on the Pillar", now destroyed

Saint Elian Monastery, 5th Century, destroyed

Saint Elian Monastery, 5th Century, destroyed

"Petraeus played a key role in Iraq’s Salvador Option. He led the Multi-National Security Transition Command (MNSTC) “Counterinsurgency” program in

Baghdad in 2004 in coordination with John Negroponte and Robert S Ford"

Thus, the staff under Hillarys State Departement were the same prople as during the Iraq war "Salvador option".

Another collaborator of John Negroponte from the "Salvador option" was John Espinoza.

He became US Consul in Adana since August 6, 2012 - the beginning of the storm on Aleppo.

"From 2004-2005 John was the Special Assistant to Ambassador John D. Negroponte at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad" (biography).

With John Espinoza in place since August 2012 - he must have been receiver of the arms transfers from Libya in 2012, organized by Libya Ambassador Stevens.

Petraeus' strategy in Iraq was based on getting different groups to fight each other

- to foment sectarian strife, in particular Sunni against Shia.

The initial narrative of the "peaceful ooposition" had clearly not convinced the Syrian population,

and when the strategy of the "peaceful protesters" failed, the US changed to Death Squad methods known from El Salvador and Nicaragua:

- killing of important public personalities,

- destruction of hospital and schools

- massacres of villages that supported the governent

- and later car bombs organized by Jabhet al Nusra from December 2011

These strategies are mutually contradictory - the targeting of the civilian population does not match the "democracy" narrative - and the lpgic behind the "no-fly-zone" - to protect the civilians - collapses.

In spite of this incoherende, the other elements of the plan continued.

Faithful to the script, Hillary¨s State Department each time an event occurred required a "no-fly-zone" in the UN, clearly intending a repeat of the Benghazi scenario in Libya,

- a practice which would only protect the jihadists - and at the same time giving a cover for the actual massacres by the "rebels".

The "opposition" was in Western press presented as unarmed pro-democracy protesters.

Western observers - with a knowledge of Syria - however, could soon look through this story,

and identify the "opposition" - as ordinary armed jihadists - committing terror acts.

The plot was looked through by major powers like Russia and China, particularly after a border garrison of 120 conscripts were massacred on June 4-6 2011 in Jisr el-Shougur, and the bodies exposed to religious forms of mutilation.

This massacre went unreported in eastern media.

The "democratic opposition" story could not hold - the "rebels" could hardly be unarmed - since other sources revealed that the casualty figure for police and watchmen already by Summer 2011 had passed 400.

The main opposition outlet, SOHR, had to change its story several times, and also several "oppositional" twitter accounts were revealed as fake accounts based in UK and the US.

When the Syrian Government offered an Amnesty in October 2011 - Victoria Nuland requested the armed "rebels" to refuse the amnesty offer.

With base in Incirlik, from autumn 2011 the "Free Syrian Army" FSA was launched,

It allegedly consisted of dissatisfied officers - but it quickly degenerated into terrorism and hostage-taking, ravaging Homs city and province from autumn 2011.

From Nov. 2011, direct transfer of arms and men from Libya began.

Winter 2011-12 transfers were made by the CIA of arms from Croatia to Incirlik.

Arms were distributed from depots on the Syrian side to the different groups, or via the black market.

With the base in Incirlik, supported by the Hillary's Consulate in Adana, and by unnamed CIA officials in Gaziantep, Kilis and Antakia, fighters were trained and sent over the border.

FSA gradually turned into an army of throat cutters and hostage takers,

ravaging Homs city and province from Autumn 2011 to Summer 2012 -

leading personalities and executives were killed, a practice which was reduced when the mini-emirate in Bab Amro was stormed March 1, 2012.

After that, a series of local massacres in surrounding villages began - each time accompanied by a call in the UN for a "no-fly-zone".

Massacres in Houla, Taldou and Qubeir were all followed up by calls by Hillary¨s State Department in the UN for a "no-fly-zone"

- while reporters on the ground could refer that the victims were members of pro-government sects - a fact which was not covered by western press.

State Department thus delivered a cover-up for the Death Squads by redemanding no-fly-zones through the UN.

When this strategy had failed, in July 2012, Damascus was attacked by car bombs

and on July 24-25 2012 Aleppo was stormed by an army from Turkey - of jihadists, local smugglers and Muslim Brotherhood

- trained by US Special forces in camps on the Turkish side near

Apaydin (see picture)

Border guards and local police were killed, and Western complicity was clear by slanted reports in the BBC and other media.

But full control of Aleppo was never reached.

Instead, the groups taking control of Aleppo all had various "Islamic State" ideologies, among them the "Islamic State in Iraq", in the beginning only a very small faction.

They were, however, still nurtured by arms supplies from the CIA, and grew in number until ISIS declared its independence Spring 2013.

When control failed, instead acts of revenge were unleashed against historical monuments and the civilian population.

The historical Aleppo Souk, dating back to the 14th century, and the Ummayad Mosque, 1000 years old, were destroyed - in acts of revenge because the City did not side with the "rebels".

Destruction in Aleppo:

Aleppo¨s industry was severely dismantled:

Hillary Clinton had a stroke Dec. 2012, and David Petraeus resigned Nov. 2012, but the regime of terror continued.

In Spring 2013 a "law and order drive" by the jihadists - led to the execution of the smuggler warlords

and the division of powers between ISIS and Jabhet el Nusra, where from July 2013 ISIS held exclusive power in Raqqa.

John Mccain visited the jihadists in the beginning of May 2013 (picture), and Robert Ford later May 2013.

Qatar withdrew its support for the Muslim Brotherhood early 2013, but was replaced by Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The US Embassy in Ankara was reported by local sources to be the center of planning, with financing from Saudi Arabia.
US embassy in Ankara headquarters for ISIL:


"Noting that a prominent member of Saudi Arabia’s royal family, Prince Abdul Rahman al-Faisal has been named as the one being “in command” of the ISIS brigades, and if he could either confirm or deny, he nodded, adding that “the Prince” is responsible for financing the operation and for part of the command structure,

but that the operations headquarter is the U.S. Embassy in Ankara Turkey. “As far as I know, nothing moves without Ambassador Ricciardone”, he added"

"Asked who in the leadership of the ISIL gave him the orders, the captured jihadist said without hesitation, “Prince Abdul Rahman al-Faisal, who is also known as Abu Faisal.”"

Not until June 2014 did the US dissociate itself from IS

The planning Committeees on the US side in Spring 2012 were reported by PressTV as follows:

"The political committee comprises US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as supervisor; Derek Chollet, as the executive manager; former US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford;

Fredrick Hoff as a member, and Jeffrey Feltman as the coordinator.

Feltman, according to the report, also controls another political group whose members include Saudi

Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal, and Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim. Feltman also oversees a Doha-based office for special security coordination in Syria.

Its members include intelligence agencies of such countries as the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, NATO, and Libya. Former Saudi Ambassador to the US Bandar bin Sultan

shares his experience in Syria with the group and Feltman reviews the gathered information.

The military committee includes Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, as the head, as well as Major General Charles Cleveland, and General Frank Gibb. This group works with other groups, but has the final say on logistic aid to

Syrian rebels, including volume of logistic aid and the kind of intelligence which should be provided to the Syrian opposition groups. The security committee includes the

representatives of 7-10 American intelligence agencies as well as US National Security Advisor Tom Donilon, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency General David Petraeus.

There are several branches in the security committee whose mission is to draw up security plots and report on the situation in Syria to the head of the committee in addition to preparing reports

on the US security strategy on the situation in Syria. The main goals of that strategy include forcing Syria into submission to the US policies and preventing the Russians from

securing a permanent foothold in Syria. Other goals include breaking up Iran-Syria alliance by making the Syrian government take sides with the US instead of Iran or Russia,

intensifying the psychological and propaganda war by the US as well as its regional and international allies, transferring democracy to Syria without confronting with the country

or risking Israel’s natal security, and cutting Tehran’s connection with Syria and the Lebanese Hezbollah.

The plan will be implemented by direct military operations of voluntary battalions operating across Syria’s borders with neighboring countries and regions including Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Golan, Iraqi Kurdistan, as well as Iraq’s nomadic regions.

Launching guerilla warfare in the Syrian cities, special operations in areas under the control of the Syrian government (including bomb attacks), popular activities combined with paramilitary operations, and psychological war against Syria’s military and intelligence forces and people are other stages of the executive phase of the plan.

The report noted that Saudi intelligence has reached an agreement with US and Israeli security companies based in Geneva to increase armed conflicts in Syria without engaging other countries.

The conflicts will be led by retired military and intelligence experts that are theoretically in agreement with al-Qaeda. Meanwhile, the Americans are going to create small protected areas in Lebanon and use them as military training camps.

These camps will be established by the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to be used by al-Qaeda and ..."

After Hillary's resignation leading positions were held by Robert Ford and John Espinoza, both veterans from the "Salvador option" period in Bagdad,

and with their cooperation support from Saudi Arabia, Qatae and Turkey continued.

FSA, Nusra and ISIS were fighting each other to establish control over Aleppo.

Robert Ford visited the jihadists May 2013 in order to encourage them to coordinate better.

(picture with Abdul Jaber Al Okeidi, head of Aleppo Military Council).

From end of July 2013 FSA-Nusra-ISIS carried out raids on Kurds in suburbs around Aleppo,
massacring the village of Khan el-Aser

IS later 2013 went east towards Kobane,

Al Nusra-FSA continued on a rampage south into

the Latakia province.

From August 4, about 400 Alawites were killed

and the extremists later continued on a killing spree,

ravaging the Christian areas in Wadi el Nasari

with ravaging and execution of citizens in Maloula and Sadad,

ending in Adra north of Damascus.

IS went east, storming Mosul. attacking religious minorities, shias and yazidis, attacking the Kurdish areas, and from Dec 2013 carried out the siege and destruction of Kobane.

In particular suffered the cities holding relics from Early Christianity

Syria is the country that holds most relics from the early Christian period, about 50 A.D. to 650 A.D.

Syria was the place where St. Paul founded the first Christian congregations, and many churches and relics remain - or remained - from this early Christian period.

The language of this early Christian Church was Aramaic, or Syriac, which continued after the Muslim Conquest, with local congregations still using the language in lithurgy.

The best known place is the village of Maloula.

St Simeon, the "Saint on the Pillar", had his sanctuary 30 km East of Aleppo, built around the 480s.

It now lies in ruins - it was bombed after it was used as a training ground for female jihadists.

The Aramaic town of Maloula was attacked Oct. 2013 and many citizens executed:

Town after town in the Christian belt north of Damascus was attacked, the town of Sadad Oct 2013:

Adra Dec 13-Oct 14:

In the mixed Muslim-Christian city of Qarathein, the sanctuary of St. Elian, a martyr of the last period before Christianity, built in he 400s, was destroyed:

Salamiyeh in the desert, home to the Ishmaelite minority

was attacked with executions of ciizens

Assyrian churches were destroyed in many parts of both Iraq and Syria, and Armenian churches in Aleppo: