Collateral damage of the 4% of nation who are hunters

Collateral damage of the 4% of nation who are hunters

Arby's Has Announced A Decision To Sell Deer Flesh In 6 States

Arby's, bought a few years ago by billionaire Nelson Peltz, is along with McDonald's one of the 2 biggest chains with no vegetarian or vegan alternative sandwich. Peltz sold it to the Roark Capital Group, whose managing directors are 8 white males. The 6 states for Arby's test are Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Georgia. Wisconsin was the state with the most honesty about the Mad Deer (cervine spongiform encephalopathy) which was killing the deer and endangering hunters and nonhuman species.

Mad Deer and Mad Elk spreading... Univ of Colorado 'research' involved in the spread.

Arby's is currently in 48 US states (not RI or VT)

Legal and other issues have ended Arby's in the following

Australia (closed in the 2000s)
Mexico (closed in the 2000s)
Ecuador (closed in the 1990s)
Brazil (closed in the 1990s)
Chile (closed in the 1990s)
Japan (closed in the 1990s)
Netherlands (closed in the 1990s)
Poland (closed in the 1990s)
United Kingdom (closed in the 2000s)
Jordan (closed in late 1990s)
Egypt (closed in late 1990s)
Indonesia (closed in the 1990s)
Kuwait (closed in the 1990s)
Philippines (closed in the 1990s)
Malaysia (closed in the 1990s)
Portugal (closed in late 1990s)
Bahamas (closed in late 1990s)
Taiwan (closed in late 1980s)

Benjamin Franklin was a vegetarian until his later years in Paris
when he wrote that venison and venery (venereal disease) had
given him problems.

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