Where is Bob Avakian?

Where is Bob Avakian?

Bob Avakian did not attend his own book launch, leaving it to Carl Dix and Cornel West to promote his book 'The New Communism'.


Why couldn't BA attend his own book launch? I had encouraged my friends to come to the meeting, and I asked the organizers about why BA couldn't come to his own book launch. They said BA was extremely sick and on his death bed, and Sunsara Taylor looked very sad.

The RCP USA made the decision to not announce the death of Bob Avakian for political reasons,
They refuse to either confirm or deny that BA is still alive.

This is reminiscent of the Shining Path when Gonzalo was captured, and the Sendero said that the Gonzalo on the TV was not the real Gonzalo.

Can the RCP USA confirm that BA is still alive, whether he has died, or is still unwell?


Black man from Baltimore

Of the readings today, which ones did you really like, or which ones really struck you?

Leadership. Leadership—I’ve always been interested in leadership is because what usually happens to our dedicated leadership, the sacrifice that they make. So I make a concerted effort to support the leadership. So I thought that the comments at the very end by the guy from Revolution Books, Andy [Zee], were very succinct. People are going to talk shit. They’re going to talk shit about Bob, they’re going to talk shit about the Party. And we ain’t going for it. We will correct them and we will encourage them to join the revolution.