Brazil wants democracy back!

The coup of 2016 double hit democracy in Brazil: it overthrew an honest president from power, without being able to point out against her rigorously no wrong attitude, thus trampling the constitution, which does not admit this alternative, and passing, in practice, the presidentialist regime to The parliamentarian, without consulting the population, a hypothesis that is also forbidden by the Magna Carta.The coup of 2016 double hit democracy in Brazil:

The president-prime minister's party is shamelessly at the service of international finance and its Brazilian allies. It has horrified the population in recent months, with lies and unseemly proposals for social security, uninvestiment in health, education and security and precariousness of labor relations.

After the shock and disorientation after the shame of the coup, the hope and mobilization of citizenship around the CPI of Previdência, which Senator Paulo Paim, from the PT of Rio Grande do Sul, was able to summon, to investigate the real financial situation of the INSS, allegedly deficient by the government, denied by specialists and officials of the area, who have billionair surpluses.

The government's proposal to increase the contribution period by 15 years would release the elderly into chronic unemployment because the labor market has shrunk dramatically as a result of the crisis deliberately provoked by the sectors that orchestrated and implemented the coup. Young and old would have to compete much more fiercely for the few available places, with quite foreseeable consequences.

The government is looking for more resources to pay interest to the public debt holders and to pay for the feast and benefits of the upper ranks of officials and agents. The debt has been consuming 40 to 70% of the budget of the Union, since FHC, which legalized this aberration. It does not seem to realize that the indecent "Reform" proposed would only bring increased revenue if there was a labor market for all who would need to remain in it

The CPI of Paulo Paim promises to polarize the population with enough energy to break the informational tourniquet of the mainstream media, also in the service of the same sectors mentioned, imposing a first great defeat to the coup.

It is fundamental that democratic sectors outside Brazil, support the struggle of Brazilians for the return of democracy and presidentialism!